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250 Million People Now Use Discord

In just under 4 years, Discord has grown to be a giant in the world of gaming – filling a much-needed gap for comms software that just works.

Sure, purists will always go for what they’ve always used – be it Mumble, Ventrilo or good-old Teamspeak. While these apps tend to pack better audio quality, the sheer usage, erm, speaks for itself.

They’ve talked the talk, and now they’ve also walked the walk.

Over and above the VoIP, Discord Nitro is a subscription service that gives access to over $1000 worth of different titles, as well as animated chat emotes.

Not only relying on gamers to bolster its numbers, the platform now plays host to several other interests – including board games, sports, music and news. How long do you think it will be before we’re getting our homework off of Discord?

With over 86 million monthly users, and 850 million messages sent every day, it’s safe to say that Discord isn’t going anywhere for the time being. Rock on, guys!

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