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$25,000 Fortnite Tournament Finish Line

It’s been a crazy weekend at the Quickfire Esports Centre during the ggLeap Fortnite tournament! Our centre-goers played against some of the best players that Europe has to offer, in both solos and duos. They were up for some tough competition, as some actual Fortnite pros also competed on the same servers.

Firstly, we’d like to thank all our event participants:

  • Dean ‘Eversio Frag‘ Ciantar
  • Lewis ‘Aerah‘ Baitson
  • Matthew ‘Eversio Pullu‘ Pulis
  • Michele ‘Eversio Mikku‘ Agius
  • Nicholas ‘Eversio Dagostin0‘ Dagostino
  • Shaun ‘Eversio Swrl‘ Pace
  • Nicholas ‘TTV_alphajr‘ Catania
  • Keith ‘keith‘ Buhagiar
  • James ‘fireduckk_‘ Ducker
  • Liam ‘Liiam_‘ Schembri
  • Simon ‘Equinox‘ Theuma
  • Ryan ‘T4bone‘ Tabone
  • Zachary ‘Zachzerafa‘ Zerafa
During the Solo Championship.

Technical issues meant that no tournament matches were played on Friday, with our solo competitors warming up through a number of casual matches.

On Saturday, all the glitches were resolved, and tournaments could start. For the first solo run, Frag, Pullu, Mikku Alphaajr and Aerah made it to the finals. In the second run, Frag, Pullu, Keith & Liiam_ managed to qualify. Unfortunately, none of our players bagged any prize money this time round.

During Sunday’s Duos Championships, Dagostin0 and Swrl were the only pair to make it to the finals, but couldn’t reach a podium position in the server.

Swrl and Dagostin0 during the Duo Championship.

Despite the disappointments, it was an amazing experience both for the players and the spectators that showed up. All players gave a great show, and they’re definitely looking forward for more.

Apart from this special tournament format, we’ll also be hosting more Fortnite events very soon! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

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