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Must-Watch Weekend Esports Events! – (26/07/19)

fortnite and overwatch Take on the world

As many of the top international esports gear up for their respective event of the year, such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty, others are still in full swing. This weekend, prepare yourself for some global competition thanks to some fantastic events we know you’ll enjoy and to an extent, are must-watch weekend esports event!


The largest Fortnite event ever!

Advertised as ‘the greatest tournament of all time’, the event will embrace the audacity which is part of Fortnite’s success as a title in both the casual and competitive community. The road to the Fortnite World Cup ends with the finals, occurring from the 26th to the 28th of July. Across these days, there’ll be separate tournaments for Solo, Duos and of course, squads. Solos will involve the top 100 distilled from a total of 40 million applicants, Duos hosting the best 50 duos in the world and Squads pitting 8 top teams against one another, including many well-known personalities.

I can only imagine how incredible the viewership statistics will be for the event

Each tournament will involve massive prize pools in the millions, varying from one to the other, with some charity tournaments which we love to see under the total $30 million prize pool. Even for those not quite into competitive Fortnite, there’ll be a PRO-AM event including 50 duos where celebrities and pro gamers team up in a charity event together with a Fan Festival too. If you’re one who likes Fortnite, this is an event you simply cannot miss.

owl sTAGE 4

Just like Fortnite, Overwatch also looks to take the world by storm with the return of its own World League. Stage 4 of Season 2 will kick off on the 25th of this month, with the action only to end exactly a month later in August.

Following last year’s success, viewership is becoming a concern in Season 2

The 20 involved teams will be competing over a month at the Blizzard Arena every weekend. Although the scoreboard is reset for the stage, wins and losses will count towards full-season records and seeding for post-season events. Also, this time around, as the final stage of the Overwatch World League, no Stage Playoffs will be played out – applying more emphasis on performance across the month of league play.

This week will kick off with regular matches, and instead of Stage Playoffs, the final week will serve as a Rivalry Weekend for especially sought out games. With the second season of the OWL drawing near, Overwatch enthusiasts will love this final stage as the competition ramps up to the max!

Los Angeles Valient took the title last season – can they do it again?

While there are smaller events, as there always are, these two are simply begging for your attention this weekend. While I’m no fan of Fortnite myself, something like a PRO-AM where 50 undisclosed celebrities will be competing with pros certainly piques my interest. Anyways, here at Eden Esports we hope you’ve all been enjoying summer, let this upcoming weekend not be an exception!

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