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Farming Simulator Esports – It’s Real and Deserves Your Attention

agriculture has never been so intense

While esports is continuously expanding as an industry in terms of job opportunities, exposure and international attention – some members of the community have always been disappointed. Some people couldn’t care less for FPS, Moba, BR or any mainstream genre, but would rather stack their hay and grain categorically in time for the rainy season. Finally, everyone is satisfied, thanks to the birth of Farming Simulator Esports this month – read on to learn more about this new development!

It’s on its way to potentially taking off soon!

The above sarcasm comes from the fact that not many people would be too interested in competitive farming simulation; though the development of such an environment for the minority shows how flexible esports has become. This month, mid-July, a Farming Simulator League has been announced for the 27th and 28th of July in Germany, with a total prize pool of €11,000. To be a part of FarmCon, the event will also be streamed on Twitch for the world to enjoy. The basis of competition will involve comparing teams of three to one another as they go head-to-head in order for judges to decide who’s better on the field across multiple situations.

While it’s not the first competition of this nature, it’s the first one large enough to fall on most radars

Most esports titles involve killing or vanquishing the other opponent with sports simulators such as FIFA and Rocket League not following this trend. While I wouldn’t call Farming Simulator a sports simulator, it’s a unique proposition for an esport to differentiate players not how they destroy one another but how effectively they produce and harvest in-game items under certain circumstances. It’s only natural to not take the notion of competitive farming very seriously at first, but on further thinking, one realises the possible implications this could have with esports. Could any real-life practice or industry be turned into an esport?

We hope you’ve found the Farming Simulator League interesting – let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below!

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