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A $150,000 Apex Legends Tournament – X Games

The most competitive event for the title ever

While it’s been made clear that Apex Legends has lost some steam since its successful release, recovering a little with the Season 2 update, it’s always struggled with organising esports events. Regarding viewership, the battle royale sits at roughly 25k viewers between PUBG and Overwatch. Bearing this in mind, ESPN just revealed all the teams to be competing at a $150,000 event – the EXP Invitational: Apex Legends at X Games Minneapolis. Here are all the details.

The prize pool is available for all the 20 teams involved – the largest amount of top international talent for an event for the battle royale. Organisations such as Team Liquid, Cloud9, Rogue, Gen.G and Luminosity will all be present amongst many others. These 20 teams will compete across a total of 12 matches, scoring points through placing and kills though details for scoring are yet to be revealed. All 12 games will occur across the two days of August second to third, at the same time as our Nova Series. The broadcasts will be hosted by some recognisable faces such as Goldenboy and Seltzer for everyone to enjoy.

Some are questioning as to why Apex Legends was chosen over Fortnite – who knows why?

Following the Season 2 update, which the fanbase seems to be enjoying, perhaps Apex Legends is chasing further attention through this event. The event also serves as the first time esports has been featured at the X Games, when Call of Duty used to be hosted yearly back then up to 2016.

Hosted in Minneapolis, USA, the offline league will be Apex Legends’ largest event yet – its success is pivotal to ensure the waning future of competitive Apex Legends. While many remain doubtful with regards to the future of the battle royale, the late introduction to esports is either exactly what the doctor ordered or the developers clutching at straws.

Let us know what you think, and if you’ll be watching the event, in the comments section below!

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