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A New Game for the Esports Centre?!

You’ll be needing more than a seatbelt for this one

In my opinion, the racing game market has plenty of fascinating simulators as exemplified by the Gran Turismo and the Forza series, both exclusives to separate consoles – but what if all you’re looking to do is smash a car, possibly your own, to bits? If you are, classic titles such as Burnout and Grid are at the top of the list – however, we’ve got an update to that list, exclusively for consoles. Check it out below!

Epic and cinematic; the hype is real for this unorthodox take on racing

It’s called Wreckfest, and it looks awesome. Developed by Bugbear Entertainment, a company responsible for many past racers such as Ridge Racer Unbounded and the FlatOut series, the title is the developer’s first entry on current-gen consoles. With this being said, the Microsoft Windows version was released last summer – the console release was indeed delayed.

While the racing title looks fantastic, it had quite a rough start in development. Bugbear had actually launched a Kickstarter campaign to try develop a Next-Gen car game (next-gen at the time) with a set goal of $350,000 – only $81,722 was in fact raised. Regardless, the company managed to make up the money through pre-orders, and now we have this chaotic pile of fun.

Not the same video – this is the original release trailer for PC last year

Enough history – let’s discuss the gameplay and what makes Wreckfest different. The entire game revolves around vehicular ‘combat’ (no weapons or anything) in both races and demolition derbies with the ultimate goal being survival. Your weapon is your car; deck it out with the best defences, drive like an animal and you might not win, but you’ll have a good time indefinitely.

In order to capture collisions properly and their effects, the game engine makes use of ‘soft-body damage modelling’ – not only will dents be realistic, but car damage will also affect driving performance too.

Why are we, Quickfire, interested in this console release? Wreckfest looks like a tonne of fun, and playing with friends should only add to the experience. What we’d like to know is; would you love to see this at our Esports Centre? Or perhaps even as a casual tournament? Let us know in the comments section below!

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