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All Teams Announced for the Supernova CS:GO Malta

A new challenge awaits at the heart of the Mediterranean. 8 of the best CS:GO teams. 1 ultimate goal. To emerge victorious in the first ever CS:GO esports competition in Malta and win a prize pool of $150,000.

“We believe that Malta has a lot to offer esports fans,” said Simon De Cesare, CEO of the Eden Leisure Group. “We are thrilled to welcome teams of this calibre, and we hope that our island will become a top destination in the global esports circuit.”

The line-up is quite global, and a total of eight teams will be joining us. The American esports team NRG, and the Chinese esports organisation Tyloo.

NRG esports is an American esports organisation. The members of the team include Daps, Fugly, Brehze, nahTe and CeRq. They’ve had quite the positive run in competitions up to date. Let’s see if their run continues during the Supernova CS:GO Malta.

Tyloo, the Chinese esports organisation that has been standing since 2007. The team is made up of Mo, DD, Somebody, BnTeT and Xccurate. Their top achievements include 1st place in Starladder and Imba TV International ChongQing 2018 offline tournament and 1st place in China cup 2017 online tournament amongst others.

There are two Russian teams, Gambit and Virtus Pro.

Gambit is a Russian esports organisation. The members of the team include Dosia, Adren, Dosia, Mou, Hobbit and Mir. Their greatest achievements include winning 1st place of the PGL Major in 2017.

Virtus Pro is a well-established Russian esports organisation.. The team includes NEO, pasha Biceps, Morelz, Michu and Snatchie. Their top achievements include 1st place in the ELEAGUE Season 1 offline tournament and 3rd place in the World Electoronic Sports Games 2016 offline tournament amongst others.

European teams include BIG clan, HellRaiser, Kinguin and Team Liquid.

BIG is a German esports organisation. The team is made up of gob b, tabseN, nex, tiziaN and smooya. Their top achievements include 1st place in Europe Minor championship 2017 – Krakow offline tournament and 5th to 8th place in PGL Major Krakow 2017 online tournament amongst others.

HellRaisers is a European esports organisation. Members of the team include: ANGE1, DeadFox, bondik, ISSAA and woxic. These guys have been doing quite well, placing top 8 in the London FACEIT Major and currently occupying the 10th place in the CS:GO world ranking.

Kinguin’s team is made up of Taz, Minise, Rallen, Reatz and Mouz. Their top achievements include winning 1st place in the Major Dream Hack open Montreal 2018.

Team Liquid is made up of Nitro, Elige, Taco, Twistzz and Naf. Their greatest achievements include winning 3rd place in the Faceit Major of 2018 and 2nd place at the ESL Cologne in 2016.

This event will also be sponsored by AirMalta, Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, Intercontinental Malta and Holiday Inn Express.

You can get your tickets from or watch the stream live on our twitch channel on the days of the event.

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