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And the Winner of the Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 is…

Wait for it…


It came down to a Nordic contest of strength on Counter-Strike. Ancient was the clear favourite going into the match-up. But so was GamerLegion. And so was AGO. Copenhagen Flames had proved themselves worthy over and over to get to this point, but could they go all the way?

Map 1

The Flames got off to a good start on Overpass, winning the pistol round with an impressive 4K by Farlig:

However, Ancient started gaining more momentum as the half progressed, overwhelming the Copenhagen Flames with their T side. Copenhagen Flames were determined to make up the deficit, replying in kind and taking the game to OT.

Although the Swedes made light work of the first few rounds, Copenhagen Flames weren’t ready to give up without a fight, and through sheer force of will took the game to a double overtime.

Despite an early lead by Ancient in the second OT, CPH started putting back the rounds, but the Swedes struck the killing blow in the last round, putting CPH a round short of taking it to a triple OT.

Map 2

Next up was Nuke. Determined as ever to defy the odds, Copenhagen Flames only let 5 rounds go as CT in the first half.

But having proven and honed their own CT side against some of the other strongest teams in the competition, Ancient held it together like a phalanx in the second half. Copenhagen Flames was unable to take 10 straight rounds, finally managing to get a bomb off before losing the final round to Ancient, 12-16.

THAT’s all, folks!

GG to Ancient, who walk away with $8,500, and commiserations to Copenhagen Flames for putting up a good fight. This wraps up our coverage for Season 3 of the Loot.Bet Hotshot Series. We’d like to thank all our participants, our production crew, partners (Loot.Bet, and GRID) and viewers. Thanks for watching, and see you soon for the Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S4!

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