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Announcing the Fortnite Summer League Season 1!

Buckle up for an awesome summer of esports here on the Maltese islands as we can’t wait to make the most of the free time summer grants potential competitors. We’ll be kicking off by announcing Eden Esports’ Fortnite Summer League – Season 1; enjoy the short summary below together with the remainder of the article to learn more!

Quick Points:

  • Separate Duos and Squads events within league open to everyone with games occurring at Esports Centre
  • Scoring based on performance in 10 chosen slots following prior booking
  • Score progress; wins, kills and games played will be updated on a public leader board constantly
  • Summer League will run until mid-September, with overall winners announced in most kills, wins and highest win percentage
  • Prizes: massive trophy on display with engraved name of winners, smaller trophies for other winners, 80 hours PC Bundle offers, participation medals

We’ve organized leagues in the past, but this one is exceptional in its duration and gravity. Eden Esports is opening the league to anyone who can reach our Esports Centre in St.Julian’s, where the entire season will play out. All competitive gameplay will be supervised and time elapsed recorded in order to ensure legitimate competition void of cheating. In order to play, competitors must select 10 slots, depending on their availability, and compete for roughly 2 hours within each slot. Slots may be booked well in advance, down to the deadline of within two days.

A photo from previously organised Fortnite event!

As aforementioned, each of the ten slots played will serve as contributions to the total tally of kills, wins and overall win percentage; the three award categories. Apart from that, the general leaderboard will record games played too. Some time in mid-September, once all the slots have been satisfied, our winners may be announced.

To commemorate the conclusion of the first season of the Fortnite Summer League, a massive trophy will decorate the Esports Centre; upon which, engraved on a plaque, the winners’ names will stand for all to respect. Winners will also be awarded smaller, more portable trophies to take home with them, together with a very special 80 hour PC Bundle Offer!. Special runner-up medals will be available for those in second and third place of each category and general participation medals for everyone else too.

Our high standard equipment is ready when you are!

This is definitely something new; so if anyone has any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. More details will be available and made public early next week!

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