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Apex Legends Season 2 – Is it Enough?


New content is exactly what the doctor ordered for Apex Legends – ever since its phenomenal release back in February, fans have been patiently waiting for something new. Some have evidently grew impatient, as the player base has dwindled ever since – however, does Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass offer enough reason for players, new and old, to hop back onto this battle royale?

As announced by Respawn Entertainment back at an EA Play Event earlier this year, Season 2 launched on the 2nd of July, following the end of Season 1 mid-June . This time around, the season falls under the name of ‘Battle Charge’ – find out why in the launch trailer below:

The use of electricity supports the idea of ‘Charge’

The second season is probably named after the characteristics of the newly added character of Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette who, as shown above, utilizes electrified fences and revives players with defibrillators of a sort. Now; let’s vaguely break down everything that’s been released, apart from the tonne of cosmetic items, with the following list:

  • Characters: confirmed addition of legend Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette with aforementioned abilities. Leaks of another character called ‘Crypto’ who is yet to be revealed fully. Also, certain legends have also been buffed as explained in patch notes.
  • Maps: the map has been updated with new points of interests called ‘Cage’ and ‘Containment’ as Leviathans are present in the map.
  • Weapons: a new powerful LMG in the form of the ‘L-STAR’ is added to the arsenal together with many weapon balancing changes you can read more about here.
  • Challenges: daily and weekly challenges will be present to try animate players more, encouraging gameplay.
If you haven’t had the chance yet – meet Wattson

That’s it basically – I’m no Apex Legends expert and all the smaller details are available in the patch notes linked above. Season 2 obviously comes with its own Battle Pass, offering legendary items from three new content categories and overall additions to help this season be less underwhelming than the initial one.

Carefully using feedback and improving the game’s replayability is what Apex Legends needs right now, and it’s on the right track. What we’d like to know in the comments is the following – are the additions of Season 2 enough to bring back the non-believers? Or are you going to be playing Apex regardless? Let us know!

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