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Astralis take the ECS Season 8 Finals


The Esports Championship Series Season 8 – Finals, quite a mouthful of a name, has finally drawn to an end, crowning another champion within the competitive CS:GO scene. Would it be surprising if I said Astralis took it or that Team Liquid placed second? No, it wouldn’t, and that’s exactly what happened. While throughout the year, there have been disputes as to whether perhaps the likes of Team Liquid or even Evil Geniuses are the best teams in the game, the argument remains rather void right now – let’s see how the event went down below!

The ECS Season 8 – Finals took place last weekend, from the 28th of November to the 1st of December. Note that prior to this, separate qualifier events were held in both Europe and North America to determine the final 8 competitors who would compete for the $500,000 at the Esports Stadium in Arlington. The 8 teams involved were namely AVANGAR, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis, Fnatic, Sharks Esports, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and MIBR.

These 8 teams were split up into two groups of 4, one consisting of Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Ninjas in Pyjamas and AVANGAR while the other consisted of Astralis, Fnatic, MIBR and Sharks Esports. Both groups told similar narratives consisting of one leader, one loser and a decider match to finalise second and third place. Team Liquid and Astralis lead both groups with 2-0 scorelines, while AVANGAR and Sharks Esports occupied the bottom spot. The decider in Group A was between Evil Geniuses and Ninjas in Pyjamas, where a third map saw Evil Geniuses taking second place. In the other group, Fnatic managed to sweep aside MIBR to also move forward into the competition.

The remaining teams, 4 in total, would now match up across the Semifinals. Astralis would go on to take down Evil Geniuses two move on the Grand Final while Team Liquid would also manage to beat Fnatic to meet them there. Both matches were characterised by 2-1 scorelines, concluding on the final map each time

The grand final between Astralis and Team Liquid would kick off with a phenomenal map of Vertigo, as the competition was pushed to overtime, as Liquid refused to give in, eventually winning in epic fashion over a 15-19 scoreline. However, the Astralis we all know isn’t too easily flustered, instead, focusing on the next two maps. Nuke would shift the momentum in their favour, winning 16-11, and Dust II would settle it. Team Liquid couldn’t fight off the inevitable 16-8 scoreline which Astralis presented to them., in doing so, taking $225,000 home.

Heading into 2020, Astralis is considered the best team in competitive CS:GO for the time being – however, they never went through a map unscathed and did encounter difficulties now and then. Perhaps someone will be able to stop them soon?

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