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Bachelor Degrees in Esports Now Available!


Being 18-years-old, I’m at the conventional age at which one begins to attend University here in Malta, should no troubles arise with regards to exams – when one thinks of courses, the tendency is to drift towards mainstream studies such as Medicine, Law, Business and others. Well, as of late, Bachelor Degrees pertaining to esports have opened up across prestigious universities in both the UK and USA. With plans for these courses laid out in the past year, they’ve started entering full swing as of now.

American colleges are offering $36,000 programs from several names such as Virginia’s Shenandoah University, Becker College in Massachusetts and The Ohio State University, while the UK offer the likes of the University of Staffordshire among others. The esports industry continues to expand is in endless need of skilled professionals to manage it; these degrees aim to offer participants the necessary background needed when studying esports. The degrees tend to be tailored to marketing and management skills; going hand-in-hand with the focus on competition placed in high schools as seen in America one doesn’t need to be incredible at competing to have a seriously important role in esports.

The first thing I always say at an open day is you will not do any gameplay as part of your course. There’s no computer gameplay which is assessed at any point, and the parents are like, “Okay I’m listening now.” I think that’s the big thing to get over to people. This is not about how good you are at League Of Legends, this is about how good you are at networking, communicating, being creative and coming up with different problem solving things.’

Rachel Gowers – Director of Digitial Institue London – Interviewed by

With these skills, top players may be offered scholarships by certain institutions such as the University of California and Irvine, as would be offered to the traditional athlete.

Although we’ve given recognition to these new names in the industry, plenty of other colleges and schools have offered education in esports, especially in Eastern areas such as Singapore, being hotspots for esports.

Meanwhile, here in Malta, where iGaming and other related sectors seem to be succeeding; nothing is on the table for academic futures in esports. As always, we’d love to push the government to try establish courses in University, as others have, in order to allow local enthusiasts to pursue a career in an industry continuously expanding.

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