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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay Reveal


Slipping under the radar considerably, new gameplay of the highly awaited Call of Duty title of ‘Modern Warfare”(a very confusing name in my opinion) has surfaced, thanks to the streams of four content creators invited out by Activision to try out the game. Here are my first impressions and why I think the title should peak your interest:

Taken from content creator MrDalekJD, I recommend you skim through it

Announcing the stream out of nowhere without much notice, content creators LEGIQN, ProSyndicate, Teepee and CourageJD had the opportunity to try out the new game mode of ‘Gunfight’, which pays its respect to the MW3 game mode ‘Face-Off’, on multiple maps. Below I’ve listed a few points everyone seems to agree on and which are definitely note-worthy:

  • It looks gorgeous: each iteration of the Call of Duty franchise arrives with an incremental progression in graphical impression, that’s the nature of game development. However, while BO4 felt like a polished up BO3, Modern Warfare appears to break new bounds in the series; so much so that the comments section is littered with users commenting of how it holds up compared to Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege. Such parallels are drawn for other observations too.
  • Gun handling and weapon recoil: one thing that caught my eye right off the bat was how naturally the FAMAS flowed in the hands of the players while running and during shooting too. While it’s an industry standard in other titles, it felt alien seeing it in a series known for its less impressive weapon recoil patterns, often less realistic. It seems MW will be bringing back older guns with new and exclusive recoil patterns, feeling a tad more realistic.
  • Movement and pacing; following the fast flowing and sliding action of BO4, being rather intense for a boots-on-the-ground title, MW’s movement is clearly slower and true to the name it represents. However, it feels a tad slower than that too; seemingly prioritising a more tactical approach.
  • Weapon sounds; CoD is notorious for having guns sounding the same with less variation than there should be. Here, hopes seem to be high, as from the few weapons showcased, each finally has their own unique sound profile.
With the campaign piquing interest, the multiplayer must follow suit

While Call of Duty will remain the arcade shooter it is; it’s both concerning and exciting to observe the old dog finally take some tips from the modern industry. Graphics and gun handling are indeed reminiscent of competitors; I just hope that the core gameplay and what makes Call of Duty fun is untouched. Apart from the gameplay, the initiative to create new game modes is also welcome; I’m hoping to see the return of staple game modes in the Modern Warfare series such as Infected, Headquarters, Juggernaut, DropZone and the Face-Off playlists.

Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming Call of Duty – is it just another blaze of uninspired ‘meh’ reusing the same formula or something worth playing? Feel free to express yourselves in the comments section below.

Further gameplay will be showcased on the first of August; stay tuned for more.

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