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Champions Cup Finals Roster Review – Movistar Riders

Nearing the end of this 8-piece article series, one for each of the champions competing at the Champions Cup Finals, we may encounter our next roster for review – that of Movistar Riders. Based in Spain, the young European organization, founded in 2017, has gradually heightened its reputation across the continent as a serious contender in the realm of competitive CS:GO. The roster found its place at the Champions Cup Final after qualifying through one of the seeds awarded at the European Champions Cup – let’s lean their names for a moment:

  • Alejandro “mopoz” Fernandex-Quejo Cano
  • Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet Candela
  • Rajohn Gregory “EasTor” Gumangan Linato
  • Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran
  • Lucas “steel” Benedito Lopes (Captain)
  • Galder ”blade” Barcena  (Coach)

There are also two substitutes on board, in the form of Ruben “Rubii” Ferrandiz and Alejandro “PuNi” Navarro Fajardo. The team didn’t have the cleanest qualifier, having to fight through an undesirable situation. Placing third in their opening group, scoring 1-2, they then fought on to find themselves in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs were one map would define their fate against IG. A strong 16-6 performance on Overpass against IG cemented their spot into the Playoffs, where they then fought on to the Semifinals, losing to BIG to achieve 3rd-4th. As an organization, 2019 has seen the organization meet the podium 4 times, including third at the OMEN Atlantic Challenge and the Copenhagen Games 2019.

Naturally, the roster has witnessed some changes this year up to this point. As recently as October the 18th, “IoWel” and “steel” were signed onto the roster instead of the former players of “SOKER” and “DeathZz”.

Movistar Riders is definitely one of the lesser-known rosters competing in the Champions Cup Finals, though certainly not inferior by any means. Having experienced matches against the other European teams, such knowledge combined with the element of surprise against the larger teams, make Movistar quite a threat.

Let us know your thoughts about the roster in the comments section below!

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