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Champions Cup Finals – The Grand Final – Day 4


That’s it, after months of effort from everyone here at Eden Esports and all of our beloved competitors, the Champions Cup Finals has finally drawn to an end. Although it’s unfortunate for such an exhilarating event to come to a halt, it does provide us with the chance to review the final day of defining competition. Let’s see how Day 4 went down!

First off, the final day wasn’t simply a grand final and that’s it. Following the opening of the doors of the Intercontinental Arena at 15:30, a showmatch filled up some of the time until the grand final. Helping to cut through the tension, everyone enjoyed a few laughs as the talent paired with our competitors went at it on Cobblestone, using an arsenal of tactics. One team named iSellPower and the other Titanz, we obviously don’t need to dive into the analytics, so go ahead and enjoy some of the clips below!

Eventually, everyone stopped fooling about and cleared the mainstage ahead of the grand finals, making way for both G2 Esports and Team Spirit as likely contenders to become the absolute winners of the Champions Cup Finals. They’ve both made it here thanks to their own merits, as we’ll quickly preview.

Team Spirit has certainly had it tougher, as to even fly out to Malta this weekend, they had to fight through the European Champions Cup themselves, doing so by the skin of their teeth thanks to an immeasurable effort to make it through the Last Chance Group Stage, beating out Virtus Pro to proceed forward, making it into the 3rd and 4th position. Since then, they’ve proven themselves to be the best European team from the qualifier.

Here in St.Julian’s, they’re journey wasn’t the cleanest either – kicking off the event with a tough 16-14 loss against Hard Legion Esports, they started in their group on the back foot. Cornered once again, they fought off BIG in the Elimination Match and in the decider match, kind of swept the floor with a vengeance against Hard Legion in a different outcome to a rematch. Finding the second seed in the Group underneath G2 Esports, they filed into the Semifinals set to compete against FURIA Esports – a match many thought would go the way of the Brazilians. That’s when Team Spirit decided to dish out a spanking to FURIA and send them home with a 2-0 victory, with one of the maps ending 16-4. Just like that, they had prevailed once again and made it to the Grand Final, where G2 Esports patiently awaited them.

G2 Esports had a slightly differing journey than Team Spirit up to this point. Having accepted the invitation to compete at the event, avoiding the need to participate in a qualifier, G2 was always going to be present and many looked to them as the potential favourites of the event. They went on to succeed expectations by conquering their group, with a clean 2-0 record over the opposition in the form of BIG and Hard Legion, meaning that they had Friday completely free. It was during the semifinals, where the roster would encounter its greatest challenge in the Finnish roster of ENCE, also invited to the event. Prolonging the best-of-three to its maximum extent, following the first two contested maps, it all boiled down to a Map 3 on Train. Against a well-prepared ENCE, G2 took the map to overtime where they managed to come out on top through a 19-17 scoreline, avoiding elimination thanks to some phenomenal clutches. They were now in the Grand Final, soon to be joined by Team Spirit.

Personally, until now, the stars of each roster have been “iDISBALANCE” for Team Spirit and “huNter-” for G2 Esports. Their involvement in the grand final would be essential.

MAP 1 – tRAIN (16-13)

Opening up the best-of-three, G2 Esports would be glad to relish their pick in Train. as it’s proven ideal for them so far in the competition, having made it to the Grand Final thanks to an incredible performance on the map against ENCE in the Semi-Finals, when it went to overtime. Meanwhile, Team Spirit did, in fact, lose their first game of the event on Train against Hard Legion in a tough 16-14 loss – so overall, both teams proved to be strong contenders on Train. An indecisive series was set to take its course.

Team Spirit started out as CT and did so well, captivating on a great start to construct a 3-0 lead. G2, as expected, replied with three rounds of their own, following a subsequent response from Spirit with 4 more rounds to put them into a great position heading into the second round at 9-6. Knowing Team Spirit, one is never too comfortable, as the future would show. Soon enough, now on the CT side, the smile of “kennyS” would evaporate just like G2’s lead. Thanks to some vicious performances from the likes of “mir” and “iDISBALANCE”, Spirit had pulled together 7 rounds of their own. With the score now at 10-13, Spirit now had a chance to close out a map in the Grand Final. Naturally, G2 disagreed and in another wave of nail-biting rounds, G2 strung together 6 rounds to close out the first map in epic fashion.

Team Spirit wasn’t too content with letting the map slip through their own hands right when they had it. G2 meanwhile roared with morale and enthusiasm for the next map. Taking a look at the statistics, G2 Esports was spearheaded by “nexa”, connecting with the most kills (29), most first kills (7) and the best rating (1.60) overall. Team Spirit was also pushed forward by “iDISBALANCE” who bagged a whopping 20 kills with the AWP. It’s unfortunate that the remainder of the roster failed to support his performance, such as “chopper” and “magixx”, each garnering 11 and 8 kills each, only. Would Team Spirit manage to get their head straight quick enough heading into the second map, Mirage?

MAP 2 – mIRAGE (16-11)

Team Spirit recently enjoyed a sizable amount of success here on Mirage, having fried Hard Legion 16-4 in the group stage to get here, while G2 was also reasonably set to give it their all. A whopping $150,000 were on the line over the next few rounds, unless Team Spirit could deflect a 2-0 win for G2.

While G2 may have snatched the opening pistol round, Team Spirit looked unphased from the first map, and stood their ground on CT through 5 rounds of their own. G2 recognized this, stepping up the anti with 4 rounds of their own, leaving the competition all square at 5-5. Maintaining the pressure, G2 secured 3 further rounds, looking confident while doing so, then conceding one. Hence, all of Malta entered the second round looking up to a 9-7 scoreline in favour of the French roster. Following the opening round, it just all started to slip away from Team Spirit – they did manage to respond with a round of their own, but round after round, G2 began pulling away and inching closer to the 16 mark. It was at 13-10 that G2 suddenly got worried as Team Spirit stole another round putting the score at 13-11. That’s when G2 decided to put Team Spirit and the entire competition to rest with 3 more rounds.

G2 Esports are our Champions Cup Finals Victors – the overall winners following 2 months of planning and qualification. Headed by an unsurprising strong performance in the final map from “hUnter-“, the Croatian secured a whopping 33 kills and some might say even carried his roster, with the follow-up in “JaCkz” securing just 19 kills – 14 less! Despite Team Spirit’s best efforts, they couldn’t overcome this stellar performance, as he also bagged the most damage at 122 and best rating of 1.78, one of the highest we’ve seen all event long.

We’d like to congratulate G2 Esports on such an extraordinary accomplishment to round off 2019, and also thanking and commending our competitors for such a fine display of competitive CS:GO. We look forward to what 2020 holds!

Above all, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas – do stay tuned for the post-event content we’ve got planned as we relish the event and everything about it!

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