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Civilization VI Coming to Console Shortly

world dominance starts this november

Consoles are often lacking when it comes to mainstream strategy titles unlike PC, where the genre is rather bountiful. Following expansion to Apple Devices and the Nintendo Switch, Civilization VI will now be making its way to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One this November.

The turn-based strategy 4X video-game developed by Firaxis and published by 2K Games is one of the most successful franchises from the genre ever. Acting as the sixth iteration of the series, it’s built on its past incredibly by offering graphical enhancements together with improved gameplay to result in a phenomenal critical reception, becoming the fastest-selling title in the Civilization series to date. Without any surprise, the title also won “Best PC Game and Strategy Game” at the 2016 Game Critic Awards amongst other awards. That’s only a small summary for console players who’ve never heard of the title.

Characteristic of many console releases, PS4 seems to be receiving some exclusive content as certain DLC packs will only be made available to Playstation users, over those at Xbox.

Turn-based strategy might not be your piece of cake – though I’d like to point out that it’s rather innovative here. For example, as recently as September 2019, an update rolled out called “Red Death” – Civilization’s attempt at a battle-royale mode. Players will have to control their units in a post-apocalyptic world where the “red death zone” eventually covers the whole world – crowing one player the winner. Apart from free updates such as that, the expansions offered and multiplayer alone take turn-based strategy to the next level, adding little intricacies to gameplay.

This title is, in my opinion, a must-try for console players who’ve always had an insatiable itch for competitive strategy titles, remaining dissatisfied with the selection offered for consoles. Now, as one of the top titles in the industry becomes available to absolutely everyone, there should be all the chance in the world – speaking of which, cross-play could be down the pipeline too.

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