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CS:GO at the Nova Series – Pre-Event Briefing

all the rules and regulations

Making up one of the many WESG (World Electronic Sports Games) tournaments to be hosted at the Nova Series, our Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament is one to look out for. As a WESG tournament, entry remains free, and a prize pool is substituted by the fact that the winning team will be given the chance to perform at the WESG EU Qualifiers, representing Malta, later on this year – an adequate performance here may lead up to the WESG! Before that point, we’ve got to break down some rules and regulations; with quite a few to go over.

Firstly, we’ll address the format, being rather typical. Starting off with a group stage of a set amount of teams per group, Best-of-1 games will play-out in order to settle out the seeds for bracket play.

Groups will be drawn randomly at the event.

Teams that come 10 minutes after the match time or 10 mintues after the last game ended(if there are delays) the late team will gett a 0-16 loss.

Top two seeds from both groups will advance to the Playoff Bracket, while the rest will be eliminated from the competition. The Bracket will progress with single elimination and Best-of-3 matches until the grand final. This final Best-of-5 will be played on the mainstage, needless to say.

Kicking off on Friday at noon, the entire competition will end on Saturday at 6pm. Now below, On Friday, two matches will be played hourly, with a slower pace employed on Saturday. Between matches, teams will have opportunity to warmup and set-up peripherals if they wish to bring any – do note that teams are allowed to substitute 1 player per match under the approval from admins. Here are a few more details:


  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Dust 2
  • Overpass

Map vetos will be done through the use of a website: in order to ban, pick and also randomise. The Side/Map will be decided by a knife round for BO1s,with the team not pucking the map being allowed to pick the side for BO3s and BO5s, with a knife round for Game 3/5, with the team in the upper slot always acting as ‘Heads’ and lower slot as ‘Tails’. Players can play with a minimum of 4 players .

With regards to overtime, should a map get to a 15-15 scoreline, two 3-round halves will be played, and each player starts the overtime half with $10,000. Overtime will be played until one team secures 4 round wins in a half.

Regarding time-outs, teams are allowed to call two time-outs per game, one in either half. Time-outs last 30 seconds and cannot be used in overtime.


  • The game will be restarted when a player disconnects due to a connection or hardware issue at the beginning of a game where no kills or bomb plants have occurred yet.
  • If a game is underway and player disconnects, re-joining will be allowed only after the round is completed, unless the game is restarted.
  • If all players disconnect and the game is already underway, the team with disconnected players will lose the round unless the game is restarted.
  • If a staff member disconnects, the game will continue nonetheless until the end of the round when the staff member may re-join, unless the game is restarted.
  • In the incident of a server crash, it is up to the admins whether to restart or award a win to either team.
Here’s a shot from our Super Nova event!


  • Any type of script is not allowed, including Quickswitch, except script for purchasing props.
  • Any bind which does 2 actions with 1 key-press is prohibited except for the jump throw bind.
  • Bugs against fair play
  • Silent C4
  • Irremovable C4 (C4 needing multiple player to remove is not included)
  • No-clip command is prohibited
  • Man-wall is allowed, but not to cause map’s textures, walls, ceilings or floors to become transparent and allow penetration
  • Accelerating or ascending by shooting teammates
  • Any character skins except official CS:GO skins are not prohibited

Any players that go against our rules will be given an initial warning. If a team gets two warnings, that team is awarded a loss for their current match(16-0, BO1 | 2-0, BO3 | 3-0, BO5). If a team gets three warnings or gets caught cheating, that team will be disqualified from the tournament.

It’s essential that players use the command ‘Record Demo’ to record all gameplay to verify any issues in order to possibly help with admin decisions.


  • cl_bobcycle 0.98(Standard)
  • weapon_debug_spread_show forbidden(Has to be 0)
  • net_graph forbidden(Has to be 0)
  • weapon_recoil_model forbidden
  • mat_hdr_level forbidden

The following changes are allowed: Brightness, Digital Vibrance, Contrast, GAMMA, 3D Setting, Sound, Mouse, Keyboard, Headphone and Game Graphic Scale.

We cannot wait to see you all there!

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