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Epic Hosting a $15 Million Duos Tournament!


Competitive Fortnite may have grown a touch stagnant since the rather illustrious display at the Fortnite World Cup, one of our top esports events of the year. Epic Games looks to harness the title’s popularity once more through a recently announced Winter Royale tournament – putting $15 million on the line for Duos to end 2019!

A total of three Duos tournaments will take place, spread across three days of competition – as you can imagine, with primary school mathematics in handy, each tournament will have a $5 million prize pool. The competition will consist of anyone skilled enough; all server regions in the mix from absolute casuals to established professionals – including anyone from Malta who fancies a chance. Further rules will indeed be announced in the future.

This announcement came alongside other announcements from Epic Games pertaining to Chapter 2 – Season 1 starting soon. This season, it’s being considered ‘Season of Squads’, where champion-ranked squads can compete in the Weekly. Top players each week will advance to the Seasons Finals – 4 weeks of competition will determine this. Those talented enough should garner enough score to fill in the remaining slots in the Season Finals.

The finals kicked off recently, on the 6th of December until the 8th of December for each region.

Overall, it’s safe to say that it’s been Fortnite’s year, 2019, as no other title, let alone battle-royale was really been able to compete with it – though it has been rather quiet. We’ll have to see if this remains for 2020, or if Fortnite will begin to fade away as all battle-royales eventually do. Can the likes of PUBG and Apex Legends compete? Will a new battle royale storm the mainstage? 2020 has some questions to answer for.

Besides this event, few punctuate the remainder of the year, as most co-ordinators are gearing for 2020 – an example of one to watch out for is DreamHack Sevilla from the 12th to the 15th.

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