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Esports Event to be Featured at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!

$500,000 on the line!

The Tokyo Olympic Games are as grand as other Olympic Games, coming around every 4 years to offer some incredible competition amongst traditional disciplines and sports – this time around, esports will have a stronger presence thanks to a $500,000 esports evet to be featured on the mainstage.

Hosted by Intel, the Intel World Open will involve the separate titles of Street Fighter V and Rocket League at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – they’re still a long way away though. The Open will kick off with online qualifiers as soon as June next year thanks to a live qualifier event in Katowice, Poland. Each tournament involving a $250,000 prize pool will certainly gain a lot of attention for esports fans and fans of competition in general.

What I find most eye-catching, is the implications with regards to the Olympics. The IOC Sports Director had the following to state:

As we explore the engagement between esports and the Olympic Movement we are looking forward to learning from this event and continuing to engage with the passionate esports community from around the world.

IOC Sports Director – Kit McConnell

Overall, this is a strong step forward for international esports – as of late, global Olympic Committees around the world have struggled to implement esports due to the thoughts of violence and controversy to define esports as on par with traditional sports. Sport simulators have been favoured, so seeing Rocket League is not a surprise, However, Street Fighter V is quite the surprise, as it’s a tad violent, but I’m glad that steps are being made to integrate slightly more violent competitive titles.

The event will be live, following the Opening Qualifier, from July 22-24 next year in Tokyo. The event will act as a prelude to the Summer Olympics that will officially begin on July 24th.

Let us know what you think about this step forward for esports in the comments section below!

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