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Esports Officially Integrated into American High Schools


It’s common knowledge that Americans are incredibly passionate about sports from a young age, as conventional disciplines are pushed forward due to the notion of scholarships and pursuing a professional future. This focus on sports has now shifted a little to esports, thanks to the newly enstated High School Esports League, and has ungauged potential for the future of esports and its formal integration.

This is no minor initiative

The largest and longest-running competitive gaming organization serving high school students and teachers, with over 1,500 partnered schools across North America

Following the aim of providing high-quality and accessible esports to young students by implementing it at varsity level; the league will be taking North American esports to the classroom. For those unaware, ‘varsity level’ refers to competition between high schools; having now formed their own separate leagues across many titles.

Revealed at the end of 2019’s school season, May 29th to be exact, the Esports League will be in operating in the coming year. Officially the largest league in the nation, the league sits beside the other leagues of traditional sports and hence, will be receiving similar treatment in the form of scholarships, drafting and training.

School esports facilities are also on the rise in America

The thing is, it’s easier to get involved in than any other league too. Following their guidelines, the only requirement is for a group of students to find a teacher to manage them and apply to enter the league for that certain game – it’s that simple!

Events and tournaments will also be hosted on a national level. Currently, a Summer Open is available for High School students for a total of 7 titles. More importantly, across the school period, a staggering number of 10 mainstream titles will have their own regular event schedule timed with certain breaks.

The ease and accessibility of it all does ensue a shade of jealousy; personally, I’d love to have these competitive opportunities pushed by schools – 1,500 of them! However, the U.S.A is unlike any other country in its positives and negatives and I don’t expect Malta to replicate this programme.

What I am hopeful for, however, is that an academic system based on fueling a country desperate for human-resources begins to realise the importance of integrating esports, Apart from that, I’d think that esports tournaments between schools would be a great opportunity for students less inclined for physical sports. Then again, all I can do is be hopeful for the future.

Let us know your thoughts of integrating esports formally in the comments section below!

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