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Evil Geniuses Back on Top?


Ever since the organization of Evil Geniusesreturned to the competitive scene of CS:GO through an established roster in an epic fashion, claiming their debut event at ESL One: New York against Astralis, they’ve been doubted exponentially by the community. After failing to perform at an event just after when they found success, many were quick to pin the roster’s success on the crowd’s backing at the venue. Finally, the geniuses, who may or may not be evil, have regained and have won both the StarSeries and i-League Season 8 – what statement have the team set?

The roster, formerly representing NRG as recently as March of this year, are determined to prove themselves as the best team in the world at the moment. While bagging two consecutive events might be proof enough that these guys pack a punch, many pointed out their use, some putting it as ‘over-use’ of the SG 553; associating their win with the use of this supposedly ‘over-powered’ weapon. As you can imagine, this must be somewhat frustrating for the team; sweating to prove themselves on every single map and regardless of victory, doubts remain. Such an attitude is perfectly captured by Tarik “Tarik” Celik and his activity on Twitter through a glorious meme:

Personally, I don’t think there’s an overwhelming amount of justification for doubting the team at this point. This is simply the natural reaction of the community towards a ‘new’ team rising to the top instead of other favourites such as Astralis and Team Liquid. Memes may speak louder than words, but actions speak loudest – needless to say, a strong, burning gaze is set to stare on the future performance of Evil Geniuses.

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