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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Monthly Recap


Following three iterations of our weekly recaps, a monthly recap is in order to properly capture how the league’s doing so far. Four weeks have passed rather quickly and a lot has occurred as I’ll point out below in our Eden Esports Recap.


Starting at just a handful of teams in the opening weekend, the Duos tournament has blown up drastically ever since then. Currently, a total of 13 teams are involved in the league and competing to become the Summer League Champions in September.

From the 13, some teams are a cut above while others are struggling to find more time to enter more slots and put up scores. Teams such as 3lite and Whitblack have potential, but haven’t performed in 2 weeks – we highly recommend they continue pursuing the 10 slots as they have a great chance to place well! Meanwhile, other squads such as G935, Silent Clan and Spray N Pray are putting those hours in and benefitting immensely. At this point in time, I’d throw these teams into the top three not only due to their promising scores, but also their dedication to being the best. However; all the other teams still have such an amount of time to show their mutual desire too!

Of course, this also applies to the newer teams of the week, namely MR Clan and VNM who we’re excited to see more of as the season progresses. Over the next few weeks, teams will begin satisfying the 10 scores criteria – it’ll be up to them to see how long they’ll persevere to establish a higher total through further practice.


It’s a tad more difficult to assemble four guys to compete over two, and that shines true with our Squads tournament. Currently sitting at a mere 4 teams, with the addition of SandStorm this week, we were hoping that more teams would have registered until now. No worries, however, as the teams involved are showing enough dedication for our league to take place – perhaps fewer teams will result in a closer and more personal competition.

On top, I’d put Rip Clan due to their regular slot performances, having played in four up to this point, and the fact that they’ve scored the highest this far – having reached a shocking 30 points in one session thanks to 20 kills behind a first-place finish! Hot on their heels are Silent but Deadly who I believe can easily match Rip Clan with more practice as they’ve already shown promise. Meanwhile, Vipe and the new team Sandstorm hold the rear with one slot performance each making it difficult to discern the better team.

Just like for the Duos tournament, 10 great scores are all these Squads need to have a chance to win. However, I’m certain more teams will be registering as we hit the mid-point of the league, which could flip the league completely.

We hope you’re all enjoying the league as much as we are! Eden Esports wishes continuous luck and the best of scores to competing teams, while also encouraging potential rosters still deciding whether to sign up.

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