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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Opening Weekend Recap


Last weekend, on the 28th of June, we kicked off our Fortnite Summer League Season 1 and it’s safe to say that it’s had a great start – but we’ll be expecting a little more in the upcoming weeks as summer enters full swing. Below is a short recap of all the performances during the weekend for both the Duos and Squads tournaments.


In the opening weekend, three teams of two have already gotten a head start on grinding out available slots. We even had one team, Whitblack, managing to place 5 eligible games in a single two hour slot with some impressively strong performances. 3lite may have only played out 2 eligible games in their one slot, but they managed to score the highest in a single game; 26, thanks to an impressive 16 kills. Electricbomb also came out swinging this weekend with the most consistent scores, the only team to score above 10 each time.

Overall, a great performance out of all the teams that participated and Quickfire highly encourages more teams to get involved! Also, any teams which are yet to put up eligible performances, just work hard and you’ll get results!


While Duos is doing fairly well, Squads is where the largest room for improvement lies. One team, under the name of Rip Clan, has already played out a couple of time slots, racking up 7 eligible performances for the league. Sadly, no other Squads team managed to put up eligible performances this past weekend; falling out of the top three every time.

Here at Quickfire, we understand how frustrating that may be – we also understand that as a team, you’ve got to maintain focus and keep trying!

Also, in terms of participation, we understand that it can be a little daunting to compete in a Summer League – just don’t forget that it’s a Summer League; you all have three whole months to try your best so don’t throw in the towel too early! To win this league, it’ll take patience and determination to play for the most score possible. Regardless of the outcome, practice makes perfect and this league could serve as a springboard to better yourself as a player.

We can’t wait for next week’s performance – see you all then!

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