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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Week 2 Recap


Another week, another weekly recap for our first season of the Fortnite Summer League. As we predicted, many new teams have joined the competition in both Duos and Squads tournaments, while last week’s teams continue to make progress. Let’s see how everyone’s doing, shall we?


While three Duo teams managed to find their way on the scoreboard in the first week, three more couples have already accompanied them. Electricbomb continue their consistent performance with two more slots; Whitblack and 3lite still searching for the opportunity to play out more slots.

Regarding new teams, G935 came over to the Esports Centre to play out two slots this week, racking up some impressive performances with one placement scoring 23 points thanks to a first-place finish backed up by 13 kills! On the same day, Spray N Pray also had the opportunity to debut in the summer league, putting up some promising numbers together with a 23 point performance identical to that of G935. With one slot played, we look forward to watching them progress.

BKF_CLAN, meanwhile, came in swinging just the same, offering three eligible placements in a single slot, summing up to a total of 51 points with an average of 17 points per performance! This stands as the highest average out of the 6 teams putting up numbers this far; let’s see if they can keep it up as the season moves forward!


The Duos tournament continues to burst with new teams, while Squads is embracing a slower start. Teams in general are struggling to generate eligible team placements; the fact of the matter is, Squads on PC can be rather tough and it can easily take more than 2 hours to start getting results. This outlines the importance of preparation to make the most of booked slots.

However, this isn’t stopping Rip Clan any time soon. Since last week, and just like last week, they produced 7 more scores across two timeslots. The first slot had varied performances, with only one first place, but the second slot was simply phenomenal from the roster. In the second slot, the team racked up three consecutive first-place finishes with 15, 15 and 20 kills! The final attempt scored a total of 30 points on its own. All this in one single slot to total 80 points in that single instance! An incredible week from Rip Clan overall.

A new team has indeed managed to climb onto the scoreboard, in the form of Vipe. The four of them came over on Wednesday to generate four impressive attempts, scoring in the range of high tens for the most part to average 16.5 points. We look forward to seeing more Squads making it onto the scoreboard; keep trying!

That’s our recap for this week. We hope you’re all enjoying the Fortnite League – see you all next week!

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