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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Week 3 Recap


The Fortnite Summer League Season 1 has ramped up substantially since our last recap. As participating teams chase peaks of form, new teams continue to establish a position across the leaderboards. Here’s a full breakdown on how everything’s progressing:


Remember last week when I said that 6 teams were involved in the league? Well, since then, the number’s jumped up to a total of 11 teams battling it out. G935 continue filling up slots with great performances, having played the most slots this past week – 3. Spray N Pray also kept up the grind with 2 slots themselves, offering some impressive scores with a peak of 25 from one attempt.

Time to meet the teams that made their debut this week! L-Ezekuttiv entered the arena on the 10th July, offering 5 scores in one slot, though they are yet to clinch a first-place victory though we’re sure they’ll manage very shortly. On the other hand Silent Clan, as opposed to their namesake, made quite some noise on the leaderboard by occupying three slots, in which a total of 5 first-place finishes. Reaching 20 points a few times, they’re a team to watch further down the line.

I would consider Purple Pearls and Unity Vibes Clan in the same category; promising Duos to note – having completed one entry and offering reasonable scores. Purple Pearls managed to score 26 points with one of their entries, bagging 16 kills with a first-place finish. Although many teams managed to score, there are those that just need to practice a little harder; such as Solid. I’d like to offer some encouragement to the Duo for future practice – get those hours in!


As has been characteristic of the past few weeks, the Squads tournament is taking a little longer to inflate with team compared to Duos – nonetheless, new teams are coming over and griding for placements! Vipe and Rip Clan are yet to follow up their performances from earlier weeks, while Silent but Deadly have graced the competition through two separate scores. Placing second on average, points have ranged from 6 to 21 in each try – we suggest that they work on their consistency as a team moving forward.

That’s our Eden Esports recap for the third week of the first season of the Fortnite Summer League! If your team is still debating whether to join – now is a perfect time!

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