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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Weekly Recap


It’s been a couple of weeks since our last recap for the first season of the Fortnite Summer League but now we’re back and all of a sudden, we’re halfway through summer already. Let’s check on the two tournaments and see how the teams stack up at this point in time.


The last time I checked on the Duos side of things, 12 teams were engaging themselves in the league, all with a chance to win it all. Double-checking once again, it seems this number has grown once again as the league now hosts new teams – VNM, Warriors, TechnoKillers, zpzjr, Goated and Rage SJ have all joined the competition. While a Rage SJ are still searching for their first point on the board, Goated wasted no time to cement 7 respectable scoring, though they need to work on placing first and landing more kills. From the new teams, it’s clear that VNM is the most impressive, bagging three wins and a 20 point second-place finish thanks to 10 kills!

Should they keep it up, they’re likely to challenge the already established teams in the league; some of which need to ensure that they maintain their position and continue filling in slots and trying harder. This doesn’t apply to names such as G935 and L-Ezekuttiv who have been grinding since the start, with the latter having many slots planned for August alone.

The situation in Duos remains a tad unclear with regards to who could take it home. The only thing which I can surely make out is that it’ll come down to the wire.


The same cannot be said for our other tournament – Squads is still a battle between four competitors. The top two of Rip Clan and Silent but Deadly are breathing down each other’s necks as Vipe and Sandstorm calmly settle their disputes at the rear. Although we expected more teams to become involved, the smaller number of rosters could lead to a spectacular rivalry to end the season. All in all, the Squads tournament seems to be going through a short period of inactivity.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week! Be sure to keep updated with the Fortnite Summer League as I’m expecting turbulence as we head into the final month of competition.

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