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Fortnite Summer League Season 1 – Weekly Recap

ALMOST HALFWAY Through the first season!

It’s been 5 whole weeks of our very own Fortnite Summer League and now we find ourselves at the end of July. With no new teams entering the competition the week, we’ll be discussing newly inputted scores and how the overall leaderboard is shaping up.


From our 12 Duos teams, only a few managed to find the time to play out a slot this past week, such as L-Ezekuttiv. One thing I can note is the fact that this week, we’ve had the first scores where teams land no kills at all – finishing second is great, but not having any kills to your name makes the performance redundant in terms of score. L-Ezekuttiv managed to do this twice; the only team to do so. In order to compete in this league, it’s imperative that as a team you look for those gunfights and secure the kills in order to score as many points as possible – we’ve had teams complete as many as 13 kills!

To conclude, all teams need to keep in mind that the difference between first and second could be a few points earned through kills.


The situation in our Squads league remains unchanged as few opportunities were found to compete this past week. Rip Clan remain at the top, and for what reason? Kills. While many of our Squads can easily land first place, the amount of kills separates the boys from the men. As I outlined for the Duos League, finding those kills makes the difference in the score – our Squad first-place finishes have ranged from 3 to 20 kills!

However, due to the nature of Squads, it tends to be riskier to approach 4 players than it is 2. This is the challenge teams must face in order to gain the most score possible.

Playing a 20-minute game and making riskier plays to acquire more points through kills is what many of our competitors fear, as there’s nothing worse than placing 4th and losing your hard earned points. We’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for August; that should do it for this week’s recap!

Who knows, perhaps the Fortnite World Cup will inspire further competition?

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