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G2 Esports take the LEC Summer Split!


Last weekend, the League of Legends community were treated to the LEC Summer Split – a small preface to the League of Legends World Championship occurring soon. The $250,000 event involved picking out some of the qualifiers for Worlds – here’s the rundown.

Ten European teams participated in the event – competing to gain some points for Worlds as pointed out. Only first at this event would be guaranteed the first seed into the event, while the second seed will be determined at the Regional Championships next week. The event consisted of a Group Stage followed by a Playoff Bracket – G2 Esports and Fnatic took the first two spots to instantly find themselves in the Winners’ Finals, while all the other teams had to struggle through Losers’. The two teams to watch were clearly G2 Esports and Fnatic – as their Winners’ Finals game saw G2 edge Fnatic out just barely, resulting in a rematch at the Grand Finals offering the very same outcome.

Hence, it’s only justified that Jankos from G2 Esports was granted the LEC 2019 Summer MVP award for his efforts in ensuring the victory. Also to note, Perkz and Jankos from the winning side managed to reach the 1,000 kill milestone simultaneously – an impressive achievement for both players heading into Worlds in October. Apart from that, it’s interesting to note that over 820,000 League of Legends fans tuned in to the grand final, to make it one of the most-watched European League events in history according to Esports Charts.

Although G2 Esports claimed victory, Fnatic, Shalke, Origen and Splyce will be meeting one more in a week’s time to determine the two remaining seeds for Worlds. With the favourites being FC Shalke and Fnatic, the event will be one to watch.

While I’m no expert on competitive LoL; Worlds will certainly be an incredible event, not to miss, which we’ll surely cover.

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