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Game of the Week – (07/09/19)


As you’ve noticed this past week, we’ve shifted our focus to the mobile game industry, as a certain title has simply owned the App Stores since release, surpassing the likes of any competition in Mario Kart Tour and PUBG Mobile amongst other titles. Having surpassed 20 million downloads in two days, with over 40 million matches played and $2 million made in microtransactions – Activision seems to have outdone themselves with Call of Duty: Mobile, our Game of the Week.

It’s arguable that Call of Duty is the top name when it comes to arcade, fast-paced first-person-shooter action – bearing this quick action in mind, it makes perfect sense for the experience to be mobile. Activision’s best and most important decision which has led to the title to success off the bat? In my opinion, having Tencent Games on board is what made the title possible; the co-developers behind PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Online, H1Z1 BR to mention a few, were the perfect choice to develop the title.

Though, why has it become so popular, so quickly? As a long-time fan of Call of Duty, I understand why – Activision has simply amalgamated some of the best maps, guns, killstreaks, specialists, loadouts and more from the entire franchise and put it into a portable experience playable on current-gen mobile devices easily. Playing Team Deathmatch and Domination on the go was quite a smooth experience for me – what impressed me more though, was the fact that I didn’t struggle due to the controls because they made sense without making the experience clunky. Then comes the kicker – a battle royale is added to the mix alongside the standard game modes, unlocked after playing enough.

I found this to also be an awesome experience; with connection faring well together with the all-round gameplay (I won my first game, by the way). Unlike PUBG Mobile, there haven’t been reports of bots in the game yet. I’m not trying to review the title, just pointing out some of the reasons why other people are also enjoying the title from my own time with the game.

Call of Duty Mobile seems to be the most recent trend in the gaming industry – let us know if you’ve given it a shot and what your thoughts are in the comments section below!

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