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Game of The Week (09/09/19)

no surprise to anyone

We’ve referred to this title for the past week in several articles, due to incredible popularity it’s received from the community. Bringing back a heavily beloved cult-classic title, World of Warcraft Classic is our Game of the Week. Drawing in mainstream streamers from other titles, the effect that this game has had on the community is incredible – here’s our take on its incredible opening week.

Release day is when it all started; the community suddenly realised that records had been wiped clean and everyone had to start from scratch: that’s when all hell broke loose. Apart from the fact that the game brought back some strong nostalgia tied up in a graphically refurbished package, this notion of potential achievement brought veterans as well as newcomers back to the title in order to grind away and become the first to reach the level 60 cap. Of course, not everyone had this goal, but it was a strong reason as to why viewership on Twitch sky-rocketed – everyone started chasing this one challenge to become the first. It was to our delight, that the official winner was none other than the Maltese streamer JokerD, benefitting from 350,000 concurrent viewers and a massive increase in followers, enough to garner a Twitch partnership.

Screenshot taken on the 4th of September

Apart from JokerD, other prominent streamers such as none other than Ninja and Shroud have also moved over to play the title for no reason other than the fact that they love the game – this propelled the title to the top of Twitch with quite the margin. This is what has made WoW Classic so successful; its ability to hook even the newest of players – being able to do that so far down the line from the original release is really impressive, as in this industry, developers often struggle to keep things fresh from only a year later. The timeless gameplay of World of Warcraft defines it as the beloved masterpiece many find it to be; while the hype will certainly die down in the future, it will do its utmost to retain the community. It’s also our Game of The Week due to the attention it’s been receiving from the local community, who continues to play and watch this title.

Let us know what you think about WoW Classic in the comments section below!

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