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Game of The Week – 11/07/19

Our favourite italian plumber making quite the impression

While it was officially released worldwide a couple of weeks ago, on June 28th of this year, Super Mario Maker 2 has been grabbing a lot of attention this past week after the initial reviews to the extent that we deem it the Game of The Week for the second week of July!

The beloved title in the Nintendo community has returned

Deciding to develop another Super Mario Maker title was definitely quite the decision. This is due to the fact that the first iteration was released on the Nintendo Wii U – the company’s worst ever selling console after the Virtual Boy from decades ago. The game was engineered to make the most of the console’s hardware, harnessing its creative abilities. Bearing in mind that the Nintendo Switch has sold three times as many units in a third of the time, despite how great the first title was, it simply didn’t have the opportunity to sell.

Makers are spoiled with 20 years of Mario tools and items

The sequel has been re-engineered to satisfy the Switch’s technology, together with new content and abilities for players – but why are people enjoying Super Mario Maker 2 so much?

With a Metacritic score of 89 and User Score of 8.7; there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the ‘Story’ portion has been improved, further exposing the player to newly added tools and content together with explaining how to ‘make’ levels. Secondly, and more importantly; the multiplayer experience is simply platforming heaven. Normal Mario games are already great for the most part; stringing together ‘levels’ across many worlds to accomplish a form of story-telling as the difficulty gradually increases. In Super Mario Maker 2, this difficulty gradient is eliminated completely – making levels for others and playing other people’s levels is a social experience.

A more indepth breakdown of the new features

Nintendo has provided a massive fan-base, on a high-selling console, the ability to create Mario levels. After 20 years of practice, and some exposure on the Wii U, it was the perfect moment to provide fans with this opportunity to give back – some reviewers are even deeming it the best title on the Nintendo Switch too. Bearing this in mind; this whole experience is portable too.

Apart from the individual enjoyment, based on trying to fall into that 1% level success demographic on every insane level, the title is receiving a lot of love on Twitch too. Consumers cannot get enough of their favourite Twitch streamer trying over and over to beat a level until blind with frustrated rage. Sitting at 19,000 viewers, it sits right between Overwatch and Apex Legends in terms of viewership, though Nintendo games rarely last too long up here.

Here’s a fanmade cut-up of content creator ‘Jacksepticeye’ getting a tad frustrated

Yet, Super Mario Maker 2 is a title which will never die as long as the Nintendo Switch is still being supported. Due to the fact that content is community-based means that there’s always something new to play or stream for viewers. Nintendo has even hosted an Invitational Event which generated over 1 million views!

Anyways, Super Mario Maker 2 has endless potential for players, streamers and makers due to the unending creativity of the community. Unlike a linear title like Super Mario Odyssey, Maker has a much longer lifespan within the community. It’s a game like this which makes me wish I could afford a Nintendo Switch – hope you all enjoyed this week’s Game of The Week!

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