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Game of the Week – (11/11/19)


Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding looked to confuse the community from the moment it was announced, with nobody really making sense of the game until release, even though certain players remain confused. After three years of development, it’s finally here, released on the 8th of November, and as hinted at in the heading, it’s had some mixed reviews.

For those unaware, the Director behind the title is none other than Hideo Kojima, whose prior works include the legendary Metal Gear Solid franchise, and this is a serious departure from that era. Now, this title is not a first-person tactical shooter like MGS, instead, focusing on a narrative-driven post-apocalyptic world in which you are the sole connection between localities, the transporter of goods. Transporting goods across astonishingly pretty open horizons, the title begs of you a decision – to weigh out the number of materials against the distance travelled – with riskier decisions resulting in a higher pay-off.

Essentially, that’s the hook of the entire title and it’s probably why the mixed reviews exist – while the majority of reviewers have praised the title’s intricate levelling system and deeply invested world, many have pointed out the arduous nature of in-game travel – some of which has been deemed rather ‘boring’ especially in the first few hours when new gamers are likely to turn down the title. Following these initial moments, however, the title turns it up a notch as you’re left with at least 40 hours of the journey which requires commitment.

I came away from the game exhilarated, confused and wanting to find others who have played it not only to put together the missing pieces but to commiserate about the experience. In a clever meta twist, Kojima has created a game that begs for a larger discourse, a connection for all those who have played it to share.

The Hollywood Reporter

Bearing the slow-pace of the title in mind, it’s still garnering plenty of views on streaming platforms such as Twitch with 75.3k viewers as of 10th November.

Let us know if you’ve been enjoying the new epic from Kojima in the comments section below!

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