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Game of the Week – 18/07/19

making a comeback 10 years later

A drier week than usual when hunting for a game deserving of a GOTW nomination, not much could be found at surface level. Apex Legends has just entered Season 2, with a massive update; but having covered it in a separate article and the fact that the community was still adjusting to it, it didn’t feel right. I then realised that Minecraft has been making a comeback in 2019 – my Game of the Week is Minecraft and here’s why.

Ever since its release in 2009, Minecraft has stormed across all platforms, through many generations of consoles too, as the most popular survival game ever. While it needs no introduction, the social media aspect of Minecraft is also what drove it to success; as many of the current top content creators have their origins in mining through Survival Mode. Yet, that was 10 years ago and Minecraft no longer holds pole position and hasn’t for a while now – but recent observations have held true to the fact that Minecraft seems to be regaining attention in 2019, 10 years later.

PewDiePie playing Minecraft in 2019

To say that a ‘comeback’ is going on is to say that it’s recovering from lost interest. While interest was lost, the Minecraft fan base was never dead, far from it, as dedicated content creators continued supporting the title with a passion. Only recently, names such as PewDiePie, VanossGaming and even James Charles, within the Youtube community have been creating Minecraft videos – but why? Why has Minecraft interest suddenly spiked? In my opinion, 2019 is the perfect opportunity for the classic title to make a comeback.

In the past few years, mainstream gamers have been thrown into a mix of battle royale titles which simply get boring after a while; being my personal gripe for the genre. Cycles for Fortnite, Apex Legends and many to come will continue to repeat – it’s getting stale at this point. That’s why a popular classic such as Minecraft is being resurfaced by mainstream content creators; battle royale is getting boring – consumers are agreeing due to the success of these returning videos. Plus, Minecraft will also be adding a new game to the mobile platform: Minecraft Earth. The all-new augmented reality mobile game is bound to grab attention with the ongoing resurrection.

Minecraft Earth is trying to follow up on Pokemon Go’s success

How often does a game return to partial form 10 years later? Alright, perhaps certain MOBAs are going strong, but nobody expected Minecraft to have a presence in 2019. This serves as a form of rebellion against the current battle-royale bus, which I couldn’t be more in favour of: hence, Minecraft is my GOTW in 2019.

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