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GAME OF THE WEEK – 19/06/2019

LEGO invades Forza Horizon 4

While E3 tends to be quite the anticipated time of year for gamers around the world, due to epic trailers, surprises and future projects which hold your wallet at gunpoint while it surrenders the absolutely necessary spending, it’s often a bitter-sweet sensation. Most of the time, one ends up with only more anticipation than to begin with and a release date seemingly aeons away.

Our latest pick for game of the week goes against this rather annoying notion of impatience with its latest update which is bound to dance across memory lane for many. Forza Horizon 4 is the game in question, with its LEGO Speed Champions Expansion available since June 13th, having been revealed with the following trailer at E3:

The crowd at E3 didn’t see this coming!

With a catchy rendition of the ‘Everything is Awesome’ LEGO song, nobody expected to hear or see LEGO in a racing simulator. As visible above, observing highly-detailed supercars trailing behind a child’s toy is simply hilarious, just like having a racetrack set in a blocky landscape, again in sharp contrast to what’s expected of the name ‘Forza’. Apart from driving, however, players will have the ability to explore a new area in order to collect building materials needed to create and upgrade LEGO vehicles. Below is a quote from the purchase page:

Forza Horizon 4 LEGO® Speed Champions presents a wonderous new LEGO Valley to race and explore, inviting drivers to amass their own Brick Collection and construct a Master Builder’s House and garage with amazing LEGO Speed Champions cars.

The curious update has received a warm reception from the Forza community, which is getting used to these quirky new additions following Hot Wheels also finding a place in the game. However, the main reason why I find this to be worthy of ‘game of the week’ is because of the nostalgia LEGO cars withhold. Released a few years after the first ever Mario Kart and in the same year as the first Crash Team Racing, LEGO Racers was another circuit racer which gained a lot of attention on all platforms. Since then, a LEGO-themed racing game was last seen in the early 2000s. With this update, older gamers can reconnect with this form of racer, having unmatched customisability, while enjoying the hilarity of it all in the midst of actual road cars. Such an idea is probably a fantasy to some. This may have been possible due to the success of the mainstream LEGO films which are worth a few laughs too.

Available for $20 at the Microsoft Store, this update is cheerfully fun and is one to look out for should you be looking for a new racing game or can’t help but need to race a LEGO car once more.

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