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GAME OF THE WEEK – 24/06/2019

Remastering Done Right

Released on the 21st of June, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is setting a new standard within the industry of lacklustre remakes or remasters cashing out on community nostalgia – following the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Blowing away reviewers, (without needing TNT), I found the refurbished kart racer a worthy candidate for our Game of The Week.

I try my utmost not to be too mainstream, but this game has been all the buzz recently and I believe it’s rather heart-warming to witness a consensual approval of a beloved classic returning to life. However, it isn’t just Game of The Week due to a graphical tweak; it’s more than just flattening out the pixels.

Check out the above gameplay trailer!

Apart from the upgrade in looks, the package accomplishes a few things which certify it as a brilliant remake. First of all, the gameplay is untouched; while CTR remains one of the more difficult kart racers, the mechanics have been embraced to keep it that way so it feels exactly the same. At its core, the developers have shown enough restraint to not switch up the recipe, possibly making it easier. Secondly, the sheer amount of content is phenomenal. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled picks and mixes characters, 32 tracks, customization and more from all three Crash racing games.

Characters have also been taken from this wild selection!

Instead of creating three separate remakes, the decision to include all the beloved content into one packet must be a delight for long-time Crash fans. In addition to this, multiplayer is added to the experience, allowing veterans to carry their 20 years of mastering each corner into the fray. Small features such as an extra drift boost function help keep things fresh overall.

With the only gripe common to reviewers being the long loading times on all platforms, CTR is simply a phenomenal remake. So many classic games out there are begging for similar resurrection within the community. Currently, it seems that the demand leans towards Crash Bash, but who knows what classic game could be next? If you’re looking for a kart racer on all platforms except PC, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled should be a top contender. Let us know what title needs to remastered next in the comments below!

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