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Game of the Week – 20/08/19


Over the years, especially recently, the gaming community has indeed witnessed some poorly released games – those which generated hype and fell horribly. Examples include Fallout 76, For Honor, Star Wars: Battlefront and the notorious title of No Man’s Sky in 2016. Acting as a punchline since then, the developers have worked tirelessly to pick up the pieces and finally, 3 years later, they’ve created something updated called No Man’s Sky: Beyond. Here’s why I think this is our Game of the Week:

The update’s launch trailer hit YouTube very recently

A bunch of new things have found themselves part of No Man’s Sky in this new update. First of all, comes VR support which looks both incredible and rather tasking, following by a massive focus on multiplayer as a new social hub harbours 16-32 other people whom you may invite to multiplayer missions or encounter through ambient multiplayer. New NPCs have been added while speaking their own alien languages. The Inventory has been overhauled and re-organized – but most of all, the act of SITTING was also added. Jokes aside, the lengthy patch notes are a dream come true for long-time fans, and just might peak the interest of older players.

The VR has incredible potential in this title!

So why is this the Game of the Week? In my opinion, the title is a statement of resilience and dedication to the game’s core drive. I can still recall the stories of staff leaving, critics bombing and players screaming in 2016 and justly so; it was a very poor release. Though, to see the game pulling itself three years down the line, instead of abandoning everything and relying on a sequel as other game developers do, is a testament to the fact that the minds behind No Man’s Sky are dedicated to compensating for their earlier failings. I only hope that other developers may take notes!

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