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Game of The Week – 26/07/19


Every now and then, Hearthstone is graced with a new expansion pack to help shuffle up decks and keep the action fresh. The new expansion, called Saviors of Uldum, was revealed earlier this month with a release date in the first week of August – here’s why the new update makes Hearthstone our game of the week!

It’s an impressive amount of content for players to enjoy

Serving as part of a multi-expansion story Blizzard has been pushing this past year – the so-called ‘Year of the Dragon’, the expansion pack offers a ridiculous amount of content for players. Introducing a whopping total of 135 brand new cards, completely innovated game features and also new mechanics! This is perhaps one of the most sought out expansions ever since the globally successful esports title was released in 2014. Since then, Hearthstone has dominated the digital collectable card game genre with not much competition in the genre – hence, it’s managed to maintain a strong community in terms of viewership, competition and casual play. For a digital card game, an expansion pack can do wonders for the community due to the levels of gameplay added.

Launching worldwide on August 6, Saviors of Uldum is Hearthstone’s newest expansion, and the next installment in our multi-expansion story spanning the entire Year of the Dragon. In Saviors of Uldum you’ll be introduced to 135 scorching hot new cards, added game features, and brand-new exciting mechanics!

Blizzard 2019

While the expansion will hit players’ decks on the 6th of August, a few days before, Hearthstone will feature as a tournament at our Nova Series. Not just that, but it’ll be a WESG tournament – the winning local competitor will be given the opportunity to represent Malta at the WESG EU Qualifier next year from which they may progress to the main event next year! The local Hearthstone community here in Malta has always been present and we’re sure you’ll enjoy both our WESG tournament and this upcoming update which should entertain!

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