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Hard Legion Esports Win the European Champions Cup!


After 2 months of intense online competition, the European Champions Cup has finally concluded – filtering the total of 16 teams into 4 finalists, all of whom have qualified for the Champions Cup Final to be hosted here in Malta at Christmas time! Let’s see who we’ll be welcoming home.

Of course, we’ll begin by acknowledging the overall winners of the event – Hard Legion Esports. Do note, that this roster did, in fact, undergo an organization change, beginning the tournament under DreamEaters, signed to Hard Legion Esports in October. Changing a name clearly didn’t change anything, as the team remained undefeated throughout the entire competition, taking out BIG in the finals to claim a first-seed into the Champions Cup Finals and the majority of $60,000.

BIG finished second, also qualifying for the Champions Cup, sharing a similar road to Hard Legion Esports. Through their journey, they managed to knock out the most well-known organization in the event of OpTic Gaming, in the Playoffs. They would go unchallenged until encountering Hard Legion Esports in the Final – a serious contender who will definitely be out for blood come to the main event.

In 3rd and 4th place, we have Movistar Riders and Team Spirit irrespectively. Movistar Riders didn’t have an easy ride, placing third in their initial group, having to then fight through the last-chance playoffs to make it back to the Final Playoffs. Team Spirit reached a similar stage, by placing third in their initial group, they then found themselves in the last chance group to come out on top. Both in the Final Playoffs, they made it to the Semifinals, where they took it upon themselves to forfeit their matches against BIG and Hard Legion, in full confidence that they had qualified for the main event, which seemed to be their main goal.

And that’s that – we have 4 more contestants finalised for the Champions Cup Finals. Alongside ENCE and G2 Esports (both invited), the four Europeans await one more invited team and the winner of the Chinese Champions Cup – another qualification cup already underway.

We’re slowly getting closer to the Champions Cup Finals! Let us know your thoughts with regards to the competition so far in the comments section below!

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