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Is Team Liquid Unstoppable?


The competitive situation in CS:GO is becoming a tad out of hand, as Team Liquid have secured their sixth major event win in a row! They did in fact triumph at the recent IEM Chicago in a dominant fashion, continuously confirming their position as the undisputed top CS:GO team in the world -the question I’d like to ponder is whether anyone decides to stop them anytime soon?

Could this be a repeat of the Astralis era?

The event went rather smoothly as you’d expect; the North Americans charged into groups without losing a match, propelling them into the Winners Bracket where their streak continued – concluding the event without losing a single match. Pocketing $125,000, Team Liquid has also kicked off the third season of the Intel Grand Slam with an important victory at a dedicated Masters event meaning only 3 more wins are needed. Should nobody step up to compete, the third season which was made more difficult to claim will end as quickly as its two predecessors; threatening the viability of the $1,000,000 prize in the future. Although there are talks of a potential ‘era’ being forged by Team Liquid, I believe that this may only be set in stone with the next challenge – here’s why I’m saying this.

The Intel Grand Slam could end up in their hands once more

Following IEM Chicago, the next Major event to consider is the StarLadder Berlin Major on the 23rd of August – the time until then is an official player break. After sticking their neck out and proving that they’re the best team in the game; Team Liquid has put a target on their back for the competition. I’d think that teams such as ENCE, who got destroyed in the grand finals of IEM, Astralis, Team Vitality, NRG and FaZe will begin exclusively training and preparing themselves to take on Team Liquid. Making it to the grand final is great, but Team Liquid is likely going to be waiting there. One month is a lot of time in esports for a team to rebuild – Team Liquid will need to keep training hard in order to defend their current title from. Should Team Liquid remain as unchallenged after the player break, we’ll probably have a new competitive CS:GO era on our hands.

It’s safe to say, that bootcamping here in Malta with us results in teams simply destroying the rest of the community! Jokes aside, it’s been awesome watching Team Liquid conquer after having met them in person and even organizing a meet-up. However, this next month of preparation is crucial – a shaky start in Berlin this August could lead to doubts and added stress that other teams may take advantage of.

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