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Launching a Local Games Development and Esports Expo: Playcon


The evening of September 4th was a rather curious occasion for the respective sectors of game development and esports here in Malta, as Playcon was officially launched. Many, if not all, local prominent entities related to the general industry were invited to the opening of the first expo tackling game development and esports – below is a take on all the details and remarks.

Although the nature of a gaming expo such as E3 or Gamescom may be clear, Playcon will differ in its objectives and target audience. Forming part of the upcoming Malta Tech Week, there will certainly be the presence of games and esports, though the focus is shifted to education-related aspects of these forming industries – Silvio Schembri outlines the function of Playcon in this manner using similar terminology. Game development will also share the spotlight, with demonstrations and opportunities for bystanders to learn.

Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digitial Economy and Innovation then explained just how well Playcon fits into the framework of the Malta Tech Week.

As a government, together with the entities involved, we are helping Maltese stakeholders to tap into these lucrative sectors which provide a myriad of opportunities for those in digital arts, media, marketing and sports industries.

This is why Playcon goes hand in hand with the DELTA Summit and the Malta Tech Week, in serving as an ideal platform in our efforts to reach out to the public to better understand the benefits of new technology and the opportunities it holds to our future generations, be it in their daily use, jobs and careers

Parliamentary Secretary – Silvio Schembri

Apart from the government official, other members of the industry were present on the panel. Professional esports players in the form of Kurt Fenech and Christian Spiteri offered statements with regards to potential futures in esports. Meanwhile, the administrative figures such as Ivan Filletti serving as the Head of Operations and Business Development for GamingMalta and Kersten Chircop from GMR Entertainment shared the implications of Playcon on the industry.

We believe that Malta has all the key ingredients for these industries to develop successfully, and we are doing our utmost to boost the sectors. GamingMalta is working hard to roll out sectoral initiatives with the aim of implementing this strategy and help reach the country’s objectives

Ivan Filletti – Head of Operations and Business Development at GamingMalta

Amongst the general discussion, details were indeed shared with regards to place, time and subjects. Playcon will be hosted at the MFCC across the later half of October’s first week, from the 3rd to the 6th of October. The expo floor will be shared by the DELTA Summit too – upon which titles such as FIFA 20, Clash Royale, CS:GO, Brawl Stars, Tekken 7, Rocket League and SIMRacing will engage local communities thanks to tournaments held by GMR Entertainment. However, the 3rd and 4th of October opens the doors strictly for businesses and school students only – the remaining days open to the public free of charge. Over 40 international and local speakers will be present; offering an impressive atmosphere for all to enjoy!

Eden Esports is interested to witness how Playcon will affect the local esports industry and lead to many other expos of this type in the future.

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