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Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 Finals – Day 1 Recap

10 Hours of Frantic CSGO

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our finals. ALL of our 6 games of the evening went to a 3rd map, and we had some surprising results.

Gamerlegion vs ancient (2-1)

The match started off in a fairly predictable fashion, with Scream’s T side taking 8 straight rounds on Inferno after losing the opening pistol. The combined Belgian and Swedish force proved too much for Ancient, who tapped out at 16-7.

So far, so good. But then Nuke happened. The pick was already contested by our analysts, but Ancient held fast against an utterly mediocre T-side from GamerLegion, and then clinched the final pistol round to sweep the map at an amazing 0-16.

Undeterred by this dubious display, GamerLegion then held an equally solid CT side on Dust2 against Ancient, taking 13 rounds out of 15. Ancient was unable to pull it together in the second half, leading to a final map score 16-4 and the win.


Pact managed to secure an easy first map on Inferno, putting in the work on the CT side and doing some major damage after securing the pistol round in the second half at 16-6.

Train was much more contested, with the Flames managing to turn the tide and hold off the Polish side on CT after getting in 5 T rounds in a row. They maintained that momentum throughout the second half, putting the score at 11-16.

The Danes finally found Pact’s breaking point on Nuke, leaving them no breathing space and taking the win with an easy 16-4.


The first Vertigo pick of the day, X-Kom immediately found their stride and started picking up rounds on the T side. Despite Vertigo’s fame as a T-sided map, Epsilon were just unprepared for X-Kom’s defense in the second half, conceding the first map 9-16.

Epsilon just about broke through with a win on Dust2, running away with the last 4 rounds in the second half to obtain a 16-14 scoreline.

Still hungry for victory, X-Kom pulled out an adequate show on Inferno, also closing out the game at 9-16 just like map 1.


Overpass was on equal pegging, with both sides trading rounds equally throughout the first half. Plessen pulled out all the stops, nailing a 121 ADR and helping to secure a 16-9 victory for Chaos Esports Club on Overpass.

Vertigo was a closer affair, with a volley of 7 T rounds by Nemiga followed by 6 CT rounds from Chaos. Nemiga found the final 4 rounds in the second half to equalize the series at 11-16.

Chaos finally managed to secure the series after a nail-biting double overtime at 22-19, with Bååten managing to rack up 35 kills for his team.


The first of our elimination matches, there was everything to play for. A consistently superior performance by the Swedish side led to an easy 16-7 win over Pact.

The Polish squad fought back, proving they were still in it to win it, and closing out Mirage on a 9-16 scoreline.

Dust2 was the ultimate decider, and with a spree of rounds going either way, Ancient emerged victorious at 16-13.


Losing our last match of the night meant going home, and it was an even show on Overpass, with both sides trading rounds like it was nobody’s business. Finally, it went to OT, and Nemiga managed to eke out a minor advantage to claim the first map at 17-19.

Riding on the back of over 12 hours of back-to-back competitive matches, Epsilon pulled it together in the second half, and were constantly tallying rounds on the board on Dust2. On the other hand, fatigue was not on Nemiga’s side, with some questionable decisions letting Epsilon walk away with the win at 16-12.

What was leading up to be a convincing T side by Epsilon was brutally cut short by internet issues on Nemiga’s side. They conceded defeat by forfeit, as at 2am, it was too short notice to find a stand-in, and the internet issues were going to last until the early morning. Anti-climactic, but a win is a win.

DAY 2 – Starting soon

So much has already happened, and we’re already looking forward to day 2! Catch the action on our Twitch channels, and don’t forget to sign up to our giveaway if you’d like to walk away with an M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler (Factory New).

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