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Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 Finals – Day 2 Recap


Although we had less games yesterday, there was still a lot at stake, as we needed to determine who would fight on, and who would be eliminated from the tournament. Here’s a quick summary of what went down:


The first map on Inferno saw x-kom struggling in CT after losing the pistol round to Chaos. They managed to pull back a few rounds near the end of the first half, but more than made up for it with a stellar run of 7 T rounds in the second half. They clinched the first map 16-9.

Vertigo was x-kom’s own map pick, but again conceded a string of rounds after losing the pistol to Chaos for a second time in a row. Although they did pick up a few rounds nearer the end, Chaos was prepared and drew the series level at 11-16.

The decider on Overpass was a much more one-sided affair. X-kom certainly had their affairs in order, leaving Chaos little room to breathe with their well-executed T side, and stalwart CT side in the second half. X-kom closed the win at a comfortable 16-8.


Copenhagen Flames went for a sneaky opening map pick in this series, opting for Nuke, that’s certainly shaping up to be GamerLegion’s bogeyman. Although GamerLegion did pick up a few rounds this time round, it was not enough to counter their loss streak. CPH picked up the first map 7-16.

In Mirage, the second map, GamerLegion managed to capitalize on an early advantage to put 5 rounds on the board. CPH responded in kind at the latter end of the half, but GL’s CT tactics were simply too good for the Flames, closing out the second map 16-10.

The banter was at an all-time high, and it was the last chance for Copenhagen Flames to edge out the favourites. It went to overtime, and although GL’s Scream put up an impressive 36 kills, it was not enough to overcome the Danish force. CPH took the series 17-19.


This was our very first 0-2 series in the Finals so far! They were both incredibly close maps. Starting from Mirage, Epsilon gave a good show on CT side in the first half, but managed to slip up royally during the second part of their T-side, conceding 9 straight rounds to hand Chaos their first victory at 14-16.

Overpass, the second map, had much more back-and-forth. A few crucial mistakes allowed Chaos a tiny foothold to take the map and the series at 14-16.


GamerLegion didn’t make the same mistake thrice, instantly banning out Nuke against the side they lost 0-16 to. The first map chosen was Dust2, which is certainly GL’s comfort pick, having a straight 5-map win streak. The map itself was quite tight, but GamerLegion managed to defeat the Swedes 13-16.

Ancient came alive in the second map on Overpass, utterly blitzing the Belgian side to take the map at a cool 16-5. Disco Doplan & Freddieb both managed a >100 ADR, getting 105.9 and 102.8 respectively.

With both teams now scrabbling for their place in the tournament, Inferno was to be the proving ground. GamerLegion took a couple of rounds on T-side off of a pistol round, but Ancient managed to pull off a spree of their own. Pulling out all the stops right at the very end, Plopski gave an incredible showing (116 ADR and a 33-drop), and carried his team to victory with a convincing 16-10, thus eliminating Scream’s team from the tournament.


We’re soon starting Day 3 of the Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 finals, and it’s going to be another massive grind for our production team. This can only mean one thing – yet another epic day of CS:GO action!

The first 2 days were about Groups A & B, while the next 2 will be all about seeing who will face off against our winners from Groups C & D. Stay tuned for our upcoming schedule, and catch you on stream!

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