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Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 Finals – Day 4 Recap


Saturday was the last of the group stages, with the remaining teams battling for the last few places in the quarter-finals. Here’s a summary of the match-ups:

AGO vs unique (2-1)

AGO dominated the first map on Mirage, not giving Unique much leverage to work with throughout the 2 halves. They secured the map 16:6.

Unique had a lot of ground to cover if they wanted to remain in the competition. A strong CT half from both sides took things to OT, where Unique managed to level the series at 17-19.

AGO left Unique gasping for air on Inferno, the deciding map. After winning both pistol rounds, AGO simply put in the work as a team to make it happen, despite Unique’s Pashanoj doing whatever he can to stop the Polish side from dominating:

Unfortunately, his teammates had other plans, letting the game and a confirmed place in the quarters slip between their fingers, losing 16-9 to AGO.

forZE vs sj (2-0)

forZe were clearly in the driver’s seat on Inferno. SJ had a dominant CT side in the first half, but only managed to take 2 rounds in the entire second half as T’s. Forze won the map on an adequate 16-11.

Dust2 proved to be a similar affair, with forZe holding fast against SJ’s T-side to notch 11 rounds on the board. With a lead like that already in place, forZe cruised on through to the quarters despite SJ’s best efforts at a score of 16-12.

HAVU vs unique (2-0)

The stakes were already high in this match, as whoever lost was out of the tournament. The initial matchup between these 2 teams in Day 3 had proven Unique the better side, but Havu was more than willing to take revenge.

Starting off with Train, Unique ruled the first half with their T side, but Havu fought back with their own T strats, just managing to edge out Unique at 16-14.

Nuke was a display of dominance by Havu, taking an incredible 13 rounds on CT side during the first half. Despite a promising start for Unique in the second half, Havu found the uppercut and the knock-out, taking 4 straight T rounds in a row to win the series 16-6.

LPSP VS SJ (2-0)

The Nordic match-up definitely inspired some old rivalries between the Finns and the Danes. But there was no mistaking who was the better side on Vertigo, as LPSP picked up 11 rounds on T-side, and finishing the job to take the first map 16-12.

On Train, SJ were off to a good start, winning the pistol and getting off a number of defuses. But in the end, LPSP had something to say about that, taking 4 straight rounds to bring it to a close finish at 6:9 on the first half. A lackluster performance by SJ on T side allowed LPSP the advantage, closing out the final map and series of the night at a similar 16-12.

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