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Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 Finals – Day 5 Recap

The 4 Quarters

We officially moved into our playoffs stage, having completed the groups on Saturday. Now, the best teams from each group came together in one final showdown. Here’s what happened:

Copenhagen flames vs lpsp (2-0)

The all-Danish matchup saw the Flames coming off a massive underdog victory against GamerLegion and LPSP climbing back up the tournament ladder by defeating LDLC in the deciders.

No doubt filled with confidence, the Copenhagen Flames led the first map, Overpass, with 11 rounds on T-side in the first half. There was little else they had to do to secure it, claiming another 5 rounds to close it out 16-7.

Unfortunately for LPSP, the second map was none too different from the first. A promising lead for LPSP on CT-side Mirage was soon shattered by 8 straight rounds from CPH. After losing the force buy on round 17, the momentum had slipped just too much for them, tapping out to Copenhagen Flames at 16-8.


Clearly nobody was risking Vertigo at this stage in the competition, with it being banned from 4 matches, 3 of them as first bans. Havu opted for their comfortable Train, while x-kom picked a more questionable Overpass.

On Train, both halves were equally sided, resulting in an 8:7 towards x-kom. Havu slipped up in the last few rounds, to let x-kom take the win at 16-13.

Overpass went more in favour of the Polish side, with them picking up an easy 10 rounds on CT against Havu. Whilst Havu did win the pistol in their own CT side, they fumbled against x-kom’s superiority, winning just 2 more rounds in the whole half. x-kom were through to the semis after claiming victory 16-9.


This was the one to watch, with both teams being forces in their own right. They didn’t disappoint, as the series went the full distance.

First up, we had Train. Both sides traded rounds back and forth mercilessly, and Chaos was looking the stronger side after the first half was over. AGO definitely had something to say about that, taking virtually 9 rounds in a row to close out the map at 16-14.

Out for blood, it was now Chaos’ turn to show they had what it takes to reach the semi-finals. They secured an early lead on their T side on Overpass, and managed to equal their efforts on CT side despite losing a few initial rounds. They equalized at 11-16.

Despite an early advantage in Inferno on T-side for Chaos, AGO bided their time, catching Chaos off-guard with their first full-buy. They steadily posted rounds to the board after that, gaining 9 in the first half. Undeterred by losing the first few rounds, AGO completely shut down Chaos on their own T-side, winning the map and the series 16-9.


ForZe immediately made their mark on Nuke, taking 9 straight rounds off the pistol. Ancient did manage to control some of the damage, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to counter the Russians, who took the map 16-10.

Ancient definitely had better footing in Overpass, the second map. Playing off of a close first half, they definitely played a better second one, choking out forZe and winning the map on an 11-16 scoreline.

The last map, Inferno, was a great display of dominance by the Swedes. Despite almazer’s valiant attempt to pick his team up, and forZe slowly rolling back the rounds, the Russian side was broken at the end, with Ancient sneaking in the last round to win 16-11.


Stay tuned for Day 6, the very last day in the Loot.Bet Hotshot Series S3 finals! Someone will be walking away with the lion’s share of that $20,000 tonight, but who will it be? We’ve got:

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