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Malta’s FIRST Tekken Academy is a HIT!

It’s been ages in the making – we’ve launched Tekken Academy at the Esports Centre, and it was a massive success!

Leading the show was Joseph ‘addicttekken’ Facciol, whose has unmatched experience in both teaching and competing in Tekken at the highest levels.

The first lesson, “Basic Moves and Movement”, was an important stepping stone for our students. This was followed by an offline session, everyone could spar and test their newly-honed skills on the field.

After the event, Joseph posted on his Facebook group – Tekken City Malta, “Yesterday was a success! Both the Tekken Academy and the offline sessions were great! 4 hours of non-stop Tekken! It was great playing with you guys and sharing ideas of how we can all improve. Hope to see you all again next week!”

Some of the participants replied, expressing their gratitude;

“It was amazing! Thanks for being a good host and mentor Joseph, looking forward for more sessions.”

“Nice lesson conducted by joe def worth coming back”

It’s all smiles during the first Tekken Academy offline session at the Esports Centre

Through the Facebook page, the Tekken army is always expanding and looking forward to the next event, so make sure to follow the link and join the community!

Interested? Drop a message to your future mentor and decide which lessons you would like to attend to.

Lessons are held every Tuesday for the next nine weeks, so don’t think about it too much.

Lessons Schedule

Here’s what our students have to look forward to in our Tekken course:

Lesson 1: Choosing your Tekken character, basic movement and controls, move notations, movement notations and getting up from the ground.

Lesson 2: Move properties, rage, rage drive, rage art, meters and ki-charge.

Lesson 3: Movement properties, homing moves, unblockable moves, throws, power crush.

Lesson 4: Normal hit and counter hit, stuns, crush, reversals, chickens and parries.

Lesson 5: Full crouch, down forward (FC+D/F), buffering, dashing, running, forward-dash, back-dash, crouch-dash/wave-dash, korean back-dash, snake-dash, semi-circle and full-circle

Lesson 6: Launchers while standing (WS), WS launchers, combos, 10-Hit combos, aerial combos/juggles and tailspin/screw attack.

Lesson 7: Wall carry, wall-splat, full wall-splat, normal wall-splat, rushed wall-splat, wall-break/balcony-break and ground-break.

Lesson 8: Crouch cancel, mind games, conditioning, okizeme, setups.

Lesson 9: Frames punishes, optimal punishes, delayed or charged moves, just frame, plus-frames, force crouch, range and push-back, whiff punish and duck punish.

Lesson 10: Frame of mind, before a match, during a match and after a match.

After you’ve mastered your Tekken skills, you will also delve on how to punish each and every character individually! So you’ll be able to get that sweet, sweet K.O on that pesky friend that keeps beating you.

Unless this happens….

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