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Must-Watch Weekend Esports! – (15/11/19)

Dota 2 AND CS:GO this weekend!

In the middle of November, we’ve got two events this weekend after a cold week of work – an opportunity to cuddle up with a loved one or thing and enjoy some quality esports. This weekend, some fantastic events have lined themselves up for CS:GO and DOTA 2 enthusiasts in general.

Dreamhack atlanta 2019

Organised by DreamHack, $100,000 is on the line for a certain number of mid-tier CS:GO teams following last weekend’s epic major of IEM Beijing. 8 invited teams, including the likes of and Illuminar Gaming amongst other lesser-known teams. The A-Tier event will span from the 15th to the 17th of November in Atlanta – a clean sheet with no incredible favourites – it’s anyone’s to take home and a perfect opportunity for the community to closely watch mid-tier teams innovate new strategies and claim victories for themselves. Naturally, a group system followed by playoffs will be exercised.

MDL CHengdu major

This event is a touch ‘bigger’ than the CS:GO one this weekend, offering itself up to the DOTA 2 community as $1,000,000 are officially on the line between 16 teams. Naturally, however, such a prize pool cannot be carelessly handed out after just 3 days of competition as that would be a waste. No, the Major will span a total one week and a half, from the 16th of November to the 24th. This weekend, the opening ceremony and starting matches will be open to all to enjoy!

The 16 teams will be split into 4 groups of 4, where a split will allow the top two to enter the Upper Bracket and the lower two will sink to the Lower Bracket. From then onwards, a double-elimination bracket will determine the final outcome of the entire event. The premier event will surely not disappoint – be sure to check out the schedule to not miss out!

A thrilling weekend for anyone interested in either of these two scenes as we sit right in the middle of the working season. If you needed further initiative to reach the weekend – we’ve got you covered!

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