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Must-Watch Weekend Esports – (27/09/19)


It’s quite probable that many of our readers aren’t in the brightest of moods, as the dust is blown off of books, clocks set from 9 to 5 and jerseys ready for the impending winter. The time of leisurely gaming is about to be challenged by the many forms of work we all tackle – luckily for us, however, esports doesn’t know the seasons as we do, and carries on regardless. This weekend spells a lovely end to this eventful summer for the industry.

ESL ONE NEW York 2019

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is currently questioning the hierarchy of competitive rosters at the moment – with projections placing Team Liquid high at the last event failing, as Astralis swept them aside, nobody’s sure of anything heading in to the upcoming $200,000 event this weekend.

Eight teams will be involved this weekend: involving the likes of the contending names of Astralis and Team Liquid together with others such as ENCE, OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan too. With the name of AVANGAR not present at the event, the community is begging for a grand final which pits Team Liquid and Astralis against one another in order for the dominant team to shine through. Apart from the rivalry, the usual format and stakes should set ESL One: New York up as a phenomenal event!

scouting ground circuits 2019

A curious showcase for the League of Legends competitive community; especially those looking for something to fill up the time in the endless wait for Worlds coming up soon. FACEIT is offering the Scouting Ground Circuits once more from last year, allowing completely new talent to shine thanks to uniquely formatted tournaments.

A ranked ladder will be played out, as youngsters do their best to put up scores on a leaderboard. Scores will directly result in a certain amount of points depending on the range it falls in. Rookies will have to use more than 5 champions in a certain role to show off their versatility and skill in the role, while the community will be taking notice. Apart from the $30,000 on the line and the Single Elimination format to take place at the Finals this weekend, this weekend is an astonishing chance to pump new energy into the scene in offering up transfer possibilities, especially after Worlds.

Do note that other events, especially the 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals will be taking place on Sunday too. – only lasting one day.

We hope you’re as pumped for the weekend as we are although it’s the end of summer. All good things come to an end – esports doesn’t because it’s great!

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