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Must-Watch Weekend Esports Events! – (02/08/19)

the nova series, apex legends and EVO!

We’ve broken into August; some of the largest esports events of the year await us in the summer blaze. Apart from the usual international events we expose, there’s an incredible amount of local competition to enjoy this weekend through the Nova Series taking place which we’ll talk more about below!

EXP Invitational – Apex LEGENDS AT X Games minneapolis

Not the shortest name for an event, this weekend we’ll have the chance to observe Apex Legends at its largest esports event yet – the battle royale has a lot to prove regarding its competitive potential in order to continue growing alongside the likes of Fortnite. Offering the largest prize pool for the title yet, in the form of $150,000, it has successfully invited the very best competitors from across the globe. Hosted by ESPN and EA, the 20 teams will battle across the 2nd and 3rd August in order to crown an overall champion, under the watch of commentators such as Goldenboy and DDK.

The community has high expectations for Apex’s largest event yet

For anyone interested in Apex Legends, the EXP Invitational is an event you simply don’t want to miss; available on Twitch thanks to EA’s channel. Should you miss it, an event recap will also be available on the 10th of August.

EVO 2019

The Evolution Championship Series 2019 (EVO) is the largest collection of fighting game competitions ever in the history of esports. Continuously growing with each iteration, it’ll be taking place from the 2nd to the 4th of August. Hosting over 9 separate titles, lead by the likes of Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken V, it’s a dream for fighting game enthusiasts as frame by frame fighting will run endlessly.

It doesn’t get more exciting than this for fighting game fans!

Each tournament will include its very own stream and prize pool – EVO 2019 will hence be available across a plethora of streams. If you’re interested in fighting games, look no further as this is the event of the year! With so many details to discuss, learn more at the official website here.

The nova series

Our Nova Series is one of the most reputable events on the island, as each iteration brings the entire Maltese gaming community together with some international present altogether to game competitively under one roof where socialising is also a priority. Offering a BYOC area, casual tournaments, bystander activities such as VR and 9 possible titles to compete through – that’s not all!

The Nova Series is aimed at making the most of summer with an all-inclusive esports event!

This iteration of the Nova Series will present an opportunity never seen before in Maltese esports. Winners of our very own WESG tournaments, of which there are 5, will be headed straight to the WESG EU Qualifiers later on this year to represent Malta! The World Electronic Sports Games is the equivalent of the Olympics at the moment, when it comes to esports, and we’re offering this chance for local talent to become recognised and compete on this grand scale.

Expect all the action to be streamed live here; though we highly recommend to come out and interact with the community at the venue in St. Julian’s. We’d love to meet everyone and it’s an occasion to meet and make new friends – other people dedicated to esports! Bystanders may come and enjoy the event for free, so why not drop by?

This weekend is certainly exciting for us, as we cannot wait for the Nova Series! Bias aside, there are some fantastic events this weekend, some only accessible through a stream while one is only a little drive away.

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