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Must-Watch Weekend Esports Events! – (12/07/19)


It seems that this year’s month of July is even hotter than last year’s, with an upcoming heatwave to scorch the next few days. In doing so, we’re somewhat forced to stay inside for our own good. While this weekend may not have the most epic esports events, there are definitely a few smaller ones which we’ve gathered below in order to possibly peak interest:

BLAST Pro series: LOS ANGELES 2019

The BPS Series is known for grand venues..

For Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans, we’re pleased to announce that immediately after the intense evet of ESL Cologne, an A-Tier event is right around the corner this weekend in the form of the Blast Pro Series: Los Angeles 2019. Only 6 teams have been invited, involving some heavy hitters; namely FaZe Clan, Cloud9, MIBR, NRG Esports, Renegades and the current champions in Team Liquid. While the event follows a usual group stage and playoff format to determine an overall winner, the event also has a twist of its own.

$20,000 from the total $250,000 have been separated from the main tournament, serving as the prize pool for the BLAST Pro Standoff: an exciting series of five 1v1 aim duels, with different players for each match-up. The first player to 7 kills wins their match-up and the team with the most kills wins – this form of competition will rely more on individual performance and is definitely one I’m curious to watch as the whole thing occupies the 13th and 14th of July, streamed live.


Starcraft II WCS Summer is only a lead up to the main event later on!

The second of three events part of the 2019 Starcraft II World Championship Series, the Summer event will be taking place this weekend! Kicking off from Friday the 12th, only to end on the 14th, $100,000 of prize sits at the end of an 80 person battle from which only one victor may emerge.

That’s the thing with Starcraft II events; due to the 1v1 nature of matches and the vast number of competitors, events go on for hours on end with non-stop action. So much so, that there will be three group stages, a knockout brackets, only for 24 players to make it into the Playoffs. Moreso over here, finals are played in BO7 format! This Premier event organized by Starladder is definitely one to check out if you’re interested in Starcraft II or if not; don’t see why you couldn’t drop by for a few minutes to see what’s up.

AWC Summer 2019 – NA Cup #3

Our third and final event for the weekend is one which would easily slip under the radar, but we’ve included it for variety’s sake – as I said, there aren’t many Majors this weekend. The AWC Summer 2019 – NA CUP #3 is in actual fact the third regional cup for North America on the Road to BlizzCon for 2019 – a World of Warcraft event. Blizzard Entertainment has placed $10,000 on the line; the 10 teams yet to be determined. A double elimination format will be used across all four days of competition, starting on the 11th and concluding on the 15th of July; fewer games, spaced out as viewable on stream here.

Not the most monumental events for the weekend, but events nonetheless. We hope you all have a great summer weekend – let us know if you’ll be watching any of these events below!

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