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Must-Watch Weekend Esports Events! – (16/07/19)

DOTA 2, CS:GO, COD and more!

With results having come out this weekend, here at Eden Esports we hope that everyone is satisfied and if not, keep trying! Regardless, esports events keep rolling out under the summer heat, and there are a few massive ones this weekend just waiting to be enjoyed as outlined below!


Tonnes of storylines are charging head-first into Playoffs

Our very first entry for a Call of Duty event in this type of article; this one’s huge. As the end of the seasons draws near for Black Ops 4, fans are itching for the final two events of the year, the two largest events of the season and for Call of Duty ever. The CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs will put a staggering $1.25 million prize pool on the line for the main competition, together with $150,000 for the Open Bracket in which the final 16 spots for the CWL Championship will be decided.

As a competitive CoD fan, I simply cannot wait – apart from the fact that it’s a massive event; the format is also quite different. The 10 qualified teams will not enter pool play at any stage, instead, teams start off in a double-elimination bracket. From then on, play-in teams will merge with qualified teams to finalise with a grand final in which $500,000 will be awarded to the winner, as streamed on Twitch. This event is only a prelude to the history waiting to be set in stone at the CWL Championship later on this year, as $2,000,000 sit untouched for now.


As you can see from the flags, the World Cyber Games is a headlining international event

The World Cyber Games is an international esports competition, hosting multiple titles for the world ever since its inauguration in 2000. Bringing together 17 countries to play esports back then was quite the achievement. Since then, it’s only grown; following the fact that 2018’s iteration was indeed cancelled for complicated reasons, added pressure is present for 2019. The headlining event for viewers is definitely the Dota 2 tournament present; as 8 teams have been invited to compete for $140,000 and pride, as multiple countries will be observing.

While it’s not the largest prize pool, the atmosphere created in Xi’an makes this an interesting watch for Dota 2 enthusiasts! There’ll also be smaller esports titles on show too.


Astralis may have won last year, but things have changed since then

Now exclusively for CS:GO viewers, the Intel Extreme Masters season continues with IEM Chicago this weekend. Just like last year, the event will embrace the continental rivalry between North America and Europe as 8 of the best international teams will be competing for $250,000. Taking place across the 20th and 21st of July, the event itself boasts of the fact that the venue “is the same stage where Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls wrote history in the nineties, join us as we add gaming to that glorious heritage!”

Quite an exciting initiative if you ask me; as heritage is certainly on the line. Team Liquid continues to reign unchecked, awaiting defeat at the hands of another team – can anyone stop them at Chicago or will it simply be another slam-dunk? With more than prize on the line, I’ll definitely be checking to see whether a European team can face the North American giants of Team Liquid.

There’s your weekly Eden Esports weekend roundup! We’ve been spoilt this weekend with some massive events – let us know which you’re most excited for in the comments below!

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